Just in: JUSTIN BEIBER’s Epiphany and Reason for His Mid-Performance Breakdown On Stage at the VMAs

CNtJCWJWsAAp29TAs we told yous (and showed yous the other day), at the VMAs while Justin Bieber performed his new song What Do You Mean?, after he took his leap into the air, he came come down from it (without incident) but all of a sudden…his cup just…runneth over!

I mean…it was like he was baptized airtized or something!

No one knew what the hell heavens happened but alls we know was that when he’d come back down from the seconds leap into the air, he bent over in tears!

Well be still your heart because as it turns out, the moment was a kind of an unexpected spiritual epiphany of sorts-where Justin had a lot of angst and internal worries about missing music and dance cues during the performance (combined with  the fact that he was booed the last time he was at an awards show).

This time around however, it was like he was jolted into

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