Is Flossing For The ‘Gram Ruining It For Quality Relationships? BOW WOW’s Cryptic Semi-Emo Posts and Sale of Car Bought By ERICA MENA Fuel Rumors Of Their Breakup……And More “Urban Blog” Gossip About Him)


No truer words were ever spoken [that]: “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.”

You see-there’s a method and a strategy to flossing. And to do it right, you’ve gotta stay true to the code in knowing that: Rich is he who has (in abundance), all the things that money can’t buy.


Instagram flossing is an epidemic right now and while I get it: It’s nice to shine our riches, accomplishments and accoutrements in front of our haters and the people who we know don’t want to see us with it, the fact of the matter is: once you start playing into that game, you gotta keep that up. And “keeping that up” can have you doing, saying, and participating in soooo many things that will eventually get you caught ‘out there’ in ways that [in front of these same people] you don’t want to put out there in front of in opposite/less than redeemable ways.

With the Internet and social media now opening the playing fields for each and every person to “floss,” front (or simply be seen doing little or nothing major, there is a way to be unassuming about it (just about as much it is easy to be gaudy about it).

If you flaunt more of what you have that money canNOT buy-you always win (in front of your haters who are forced to sit where too, they hate (and wouldn’t dare cop to admitting to): In the world wide web audience of people who DO mean you well and truly have love for you. How cute eh?


Well despite last month’s tantrum and fight with an “urban blog site” that dragged Bow Wow to filth so badly (that he asked all “urban sites” not to blog about him) that didn’t mean he elected to lay low to the extent—that he didn’t do or say anything to give them a reason to read into and blog about—because he did.

These Pisces’ are really on their emotional epiphany’s this week aren’t they?

Well Bow was reflecting yesterday and

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