JAMIE FOXX To Box: He’s The #1 Contender in MIKE TYSON Biopic


Yayyyyy! Cease—fighting…can now begin in the world and sleuth of biopics being made-of legendary artists with poignant stories to tell.

As you may well now (and keeping count-like me), pretty much every single biopic attempt has been met with by the estate and families’ contempt in some way or another upon everybody like Zoe Saldana (as Nina Simone), Nick Cannon (as Richard Pryor), Yaya DaCosta (as Whitney Houston), Zendaya Coleman (as Aaliyah Haughton–now being played by Alexandra Shipp) and others.

download (2)Well, according to our sources, they’ll be no estate and family fighting about who’ll play fighter Mike Tyson ‘cause violia! He’s still alive! *blows bangs and wipes forehead*

A lot has happened even since Mike Tyson’s story was brought to the big screen in 1995 via HBO pictures and starring actor Michael Jai White (see entire movie atop OSF big screen-in the carousel)



The boxing champ recants much of what has been going on his during perilous times before and since 1995 during his one-man (stage) show called: “Mike-Tyson: The Undisputed Truth.” The show (turned into an HBO special that aired on the network in November 2013) has already run on Broadway and all across the United States-and is now on to Canada.

downloadVia a script [left open for Mike’s adlibbing] written by his wife Kiki and directed by Oscar nominated filmmaker and director Spike Lee, the 90-minute show in which Tyson bravely stands in front of the audience, telling of all his highs, (the literal highs) and the lows of his life and upbringing on the concrete streets of Brooklyn, New York-through to his life as a solid and long-time undefeated fighter. Tyson holds no punches while reflecting on his prison time and past addiction issues during the show, and what he candidly talks about may soon be brought to the big screen and “happen very shortly” in a biopic starring Jamie Foxx.

download (3)Me and Jamie Foxx have been talking and he’s willing to take that role and portray me as Mike Tyson, doing my life story. I think he’s splendid because he’s really up to par. I think he would do a magnificent job,” he explains.

I saw him the other night and we discussed it. He doesn’t have the physicality but he will. He’s able to … get bulky, so he’s capable of doing it in the futures” said Tyson.

At 48, Mike Tyson is retired and has proven himself not the same intimidating guy he once was in the days of his being the champion heavyweight fighter in the world. “Not even a little bit. That guy doesn’t even exist no more,” says the former champ who once bit off the ear of his opponent: Evander Holyfield during a 1997 fight.

imagesSince then, he’s opened up to showing us his vulnerable side on the Oprah show, and we’ve gotten a chance to see his humorous and lighter side in the “Hangover” franchise[s]. Anytime someone like Mike Tyson can be funny and laugh at himself-with all that he’s gone through, I’ll take it–and share it [with him].

He jokes: “Right now, I’m just living life day by day: black, broke and ugly,” laughed Tyson. “I’m just trying to survive, you know?

Tyson declared bankruptcy in 2003, and alongside his stage show, has a production company (Iron Mike Productions) in which he will be starring in a new movie role as a boxing promoter.

If you wanted to know if his stage show is a kind of therapy for him here’s the answer: [quote] “I don’t do shows for any kind of therapy. I do it because I enjoy doing it, and I do it because it’s art. It’s changed me a great deal because I can’t walk 10 minutes without anybody asking me when the next show is going to appear” [unquote].

In a 2008 documentary “Tyson” he opened up about his life and too, in an autobiography that was published just this past November [2013].

download (1)Tickets for the Canadian leg of his tour go on sale July 31 for opening show at Air Canada Centre on September 10, 2014.


I must say, it is great to see Mike Tyson out of the element by which he earned a reputation that to date, is indeed (and truthfully–not just some stunt and image overhaul to put himself back into the good graces of the mainstream media) the antithesis of the Mike Tyson of the 90’s.

I can instantly feel “truth” in a person like I can instantIy know when somebody’s gaming me with a brand do-over for income & popularity but over the years, I’ve studied Mike Tyson and all his triumphs and challenges and totally feel he got literally “tired” of who he was in spirit and mind, and consciously stands up to that/those demons everyday. Who he is today has been a longggg process. I’ve watched it. No flip-flopping.

Anytime “Mike Tyson” can have the courage to go around the world and share his story-in your face: proving to the world (with nothing to hide) that he’s changed that hanged man he was once was; it just ought to be as embraced as well as the critically acclaimed show is doing. 

I say that too, because if my memory serves me correct, (probably just back in 2001 or so) I remember Mike Tyson putting an APB-like forewarning out on all comedians that enjoyed making fun of his voice and characterizing him as some caricature–that the rules were changing: The next time he got disrespected like such, he was going to come for them (kick their a&&).

His reasoning was because he felt that if they would study him well enough to make a caricature of him, and take on “Mike Tyson” as a character, then that tells him that somewhere…just somewhere in their hearts and minds…they know his pain…but instead of feeling it and respecting it; they choose to make fun of it. He wasn’t going to take that from them anymore….And from that point in time, the disrespect was going to cease to desist [or be prepared to meet his fists].

I remember that oh so well. And I felt that. I really FELT that (and understood).

On a lighter note, Jamie-a comedian himself, must have gotten the word too because I don’t recall “Mike Tyson” being the butt of any of his (or other comedian’s jokes since then) 🙂

Jamie darling…do tell. Did you get the word? Inquiring minds want to know.

BONUS For Our Other Side of the Fame Readers Who Enjoyed The Movie Atop This Blog, As Well As the Write-Up Itself:

Regardless his situations, circumstances (and decisions) as you will see in this next video, Mike Tyson’s always been a VERY smart, honest man (and an engaging conversationalist-his one man show is incredible I hear). At any rate, here’s some rare video footage from the “Mike Tyson” of yesteryear-taken while he was serving prison time (being interviewed by journalist, the late Ed Bradley):

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