SNOOP Smoking Sess in the West—Wing of the WHITE HOUSE, He Confessed to JIMMY KIMMEL



I’m guessing we can call “smoking sex” those times we have quickies on public elevators, parks, or in other public places that add to the excitement and thrill of possibly being caught in the act.

Snoop at White House OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 4Well, I’m assuming that’s the kind of thrill and exhilaration one would feel by having bragging rights after smoking SESS—in the White House: a place littered with Secret Service, other security personnel and well, the President of the United States, himself, ya think?

Snoop at White House OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 2

During an episode of his webseries “GGN: The Double G New Network” Snoop was sitting down with comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, where he confessed that while visiting the White House in December 2013 during the Kennedy Center Honors, he did weed himself away from the festivities and crowd for a spliff to…go smoke one (in the restroom).

Obviously, Snoop played a great game of semantics and specifics with Kimmel when being asked about the great adventure, by giving an almost Bill Clinton-ish (“I did not have sexual relations with that woman”) answer to the question.


Snoop at White House OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 3


When Kimmel asked had he ever smoked weed in the White House, Snoop confessed (and reiterated) that he smoked weed “in the bathroom-not the White House” [Oval Offices-two separate places and things alright?].

Snoop at White House OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEHe said that when he asked to be excused to go the restroom, the “alphabet boys” (CIA, FBI) asked him if he would be doing the No. 1 or the No. 2. When Snoop told the boys he would be doing the No. 2 and would be lighting up a cigarette “to get the aroma right,” the alphabet boys told him he could just light up a napkin and have at that.
Welp, what may be considered a napkin to some may very well be a blunt leaf to someone [like Snoop]. Have at this-let him show you:



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