Jada Pinkett-Smith On GOTHAM Panel at Paley Fest in New York



In case you did know, Willow Smith’s mom [Jada Pinkett Smith]’s newest project is her as starring as the imposing hothead Fish Mooney on the Fox/CW pilot Gotham-a DC Comic/Batman television series in which she plays a sadistic boss and nightclub owner and like me (lol): with street-smarts and extra-sensory abilities to read people.

jada-pinkett-smith-joins-gotham-socialAs you know, Jada also starred in The Matrix Trilogy and has acted playing versatile roles in movies like Scream 2, Low Down Dirty Shame, Menace to Society, TNT’s medical drama Hawthorne (2009-2011), and countless other music video, movie, and television roles including the Bill Cosby college series A Different World (1991-1993).

This weekend, dressed in a chic, suede, short-sleeve dress and a pair of burgundy, ankle-hugging heels, Jada sat on the Gotham Panel at the Paley Fest in New York where it was said Jada Pinkett-Smith told the crowd her method of snagging the role, which including showing up for the audition to meet director Danny Cannon (Dark Blue, CSI: NY) dressed in a long, flowing gown and a short, black Fish Mooney wig-complete with a young, shirtless man on a leash with “LIAR” written across his forehead and lipstick.






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TV-Fall Season-10 Best “I said: ‘Forget it, instead of talking about who Fish Mooney is, let me just show you,'” said Pinkett Smith.

“I went method,” (method-acting) she explained.

…and so it was written (and secured).


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