In the Interest of Full ‘Artistry’ and In Lieu of GRAMMYs ‘Album of the Year’ Going to BECK Over BEYONCE, “BECKYONCE” Was Born

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In the interest of full ‘artistry’, I hearby beckon you to respect the “BECKYONCE.”Beckyonce

Should’ve known it was coming-something that should meet the approval of Kanye’s definition of ‘artistry’: A mixture of whom/what Kanye deems “artistry” (Beyonce) over [what he insinuated] wasn’t artistry (Beck).

In the world according to Kanye (so we learned at this past weekend’s Grammys) unknown musician/songwriter/artist Beck should have respected ‘true artistry” and given his Grammy over to the artist popularly known for her artistry: Beyonce.


So as to calm ‘Calm Ye’ and calm the Beyhive, some genius put together a mashup of Beyonce’s Single Ladies with Beck’s Loser and titled the single: “Beckyonce”.

It’s actually pretty hot. Check it out:

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