Victim’s Mother Involved in ‘Tragic’ Car Colliding BOBBI KRISTINA Was Involved in (Four Days Before Her Drowning Incident) Speaks Out

If you’ve been following reports about Bobbi Kristina, then you know that the latest reports were that Nick Gordon who, we learned since her hospitalization, was not legally married to Bobbi (as per her dad Bobby Brown’s lawyer).ht_whitney_houston_nick_gordon_bobbi_kristina_thg_120307_mn

As well, you’ve heard from these sources that (despite as morbid as it sounds-so that she may lay to rest on her mother’s DoD) the plug was being pulled on the medically induced life waves supporting Bobbi Kristina [on that February 11, 2015 DoD].

Well it’s February 13 now, and as you heard me say [come] February 11, Mercury is now (officially) out of retrograde and the dear heavens are back to orbiting. We terrestrials can officially get back to life’s clarity and communication as usual [and definitely better than while Mercury is in retrograde].

Despite what’s being reported by several sources on the quest for being “first”, Bobby Brown had issued a statement that ‘Stina (as her mom called her) is “doing better”—and here we are February 13, 2015, no plug was pulled on her.

“Praise Jesus”-as Whitney would say, right?bobbi-kristina-instagram-pic jan 31 2am

Over the past couple of days, it is also being reported that as a result of bruises left around Bobbi Kristina’s mouth, officials were looking into the possibility of Gordon being charged (considering motive and bruises around her mouth).

In addition to those reports, it’s also being reported that Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Leolah speaking out-stating she is “110% percent sure” that Gordon is responsible for the condition that Bobbi Kristina is in right now.

Well since then, having developed over the last 24 hours or so, it has come to the attention of the media public that just four days before Bobbi’s drowning incident, she was involved in a ‘tragic car crash’ in which one driver was sent to the hospital.

That driver’s mother is now speaking out about what happened:

bobbi-kristina-brownDays before she was found unresponsive in her home, Bobbi Kristina Brown was involved in an accident that sent the driver of the other car to the hospital, according to the Roswell, Georgia police report obtained by ABC News.

On Jan. 27, Brown was driving a Jeep with her friend Danyela Da Silva Bradley as passenger, while the other vehicle involved in the crash was a Ford Taurus, according to the report.

Brown, 21, lost control of her Jeep and crossed over into the lanes running in the opposite direction, then collided with the Taurus, the report said.

The report adds that both the driver of the Taurus Russell Eckerman and Brown’s passenger were taken to North Fulton Hospital due to injuries suffered from the crash.

In an exclusive statement to ABC News, Russell’s mother, Bert Eckerman, said of the accident, “Russell is a great, caring son, and this was a terrible tragedy. He was on his way to work when he was met with this tragic incident. Please respect our privacy as we pray and wait for Russ to heal.”

The Eckerman’s lawyer, Alan Herman, added, “I have known the Eckerman family for the past 33 years and am very sorry that this incident has occurred. Russell used to babysit for my children when they were youngsters. Russell was on his way to work when this incident occurred. He has been hospitalized since the date of the occurrence and has been unable to speak. His medical condition as I understand it, is serious, but everyone is hopeful that he will recover and get back to being Russell.”

Roswell Police told ABC News the accident is still under investigation and will not comment on it further.

bobbi kristina and nick gordonBrown, the daughter of pop icons Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, has been in the hospital since she was discovered by her partner Nick Gordon and a friend Max Lomas on Jan. 31, according to police. Lomas has been previous linked to Bradley, Brown’s passenger in the accident days earlier.

Brown was found face down in her bath tub and was taken to North Fulton Hospital, but then moved to Emory University Hospital.

Roswell Police also confirmed that Brown’s incident at her home less than two weeks ago is classified as a criminal investigation. That has always been the case, a spokesperson said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The Roswell Police Criminal Investigation Division, who is investigating the incident, conducts criminal investigations,” Lisa Holland, the Roswell public information officer, said in a statement to ABC News. “The incident has always been under criminal investigation and has not been reclassified as a criminal investigation. Criminal investigations may or may not result in criminal charges being brought against individuals.”

Brown has been (cont’d)

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