How To Take Control of Your Coffee’s Carbs and Calories

CoffesLoversCoffee is that morning drink that for many of us-is a sensual experience such that we barely even notice if the “caffeine kick,” we are simply get a “kick” out of the smell of it, the heat in our hands and the taste of it.

That being the case, if you (like me) love about coffee too, the variety of strains (black) and then the fun of dressing it up with various flavors of cream and whatnot then, you, (like me) had better listen:

According to a study done by Nutrition and Dietetics, depending on what flavors, sweeteners, or other added ingredients we add to our coffee; an entire cup of coffee can be the equivalent of the fat and calories of a full meal and take up half of the daily fat and calorie count [that should be consumed] of an entire (1) day.

Studies suggest that to avoid that, avoid the specialty coffees at our favorite baristas (e.g: Starbucks’ White Chocolate Mocha, Dunkin Donut’s “Pumpkin Swirl Coffee”) and instead, order small, black coffee and add our own sweeteners and creams (to control our own fat and calorie count that we pour in) as, coffee shops mix for tempting our taste buds in order to wheel us back in-not necessarily looking out for your health).

The study suggests that if we do it that was, not only is the small, plain, black coffee cheaper but put us back in control of our morning’s carbs, calories and sugar. But if we must order the creams and sweeteners from our favorite coffee houses, opt for skim and half the flavor (that they normally/by habit/automatically use and pour in to our coffee).

Still, it can save you a few calories while still quenching that flavor crave you’re thirsting for.


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