East Room Gone Left: How Quickly You Can Villiainize Someone When You Were In The Wrong – President BARACK OBAMA Heckled At LGBT Event Then Accused Of Apathy

Not in the house of a Barack Obama you wont.

Although it’s been tried and tested with Bush: soles flying and whatnot…



…don’t think you’re gonna get too far with a president that’s got soul-so heckle to your heart’s content.


Ok all jokes aside.

AP_Obama_In celebration (and inclusion)…of LGBT pride month, the president was at the podium speaking while interrupted by a woman where, he returned: “Listen. You’re in my house. No. No. It’s not respectful when you get invited to somebody’s…”

He was then interrupted again. And to that, he merely responded “You’re not going to get a good response by interrupting me like this.”

For the record, the transgender woman (Jennicet Gutierrez, founding member of the LGBTQ Latina advocacy group Familia TQLM) was shouting about abuse, bad detention conditions of LGBTQ immigrants in the United States and obviously felt like this was an issue the president should touch on during his speech for LGBT pride month.

Still insisting on heckling, the president replied by saying “shame on you” followed by signaling security personnel to escort Jennicet out of the room.

You can either stay and be quiet or we’ll have to take you out,” warned Obama, inviting Gutierrez one more chance—to humbly abide at the abode by behaving like a guest.

The warning served as no warning or deterrent for Gutierrez however, then finally, she was removed from the East Room-quite surprised by the president’s reaction to her heckling:

He had an opportunity to listen to what I had to say and handle it differently, and that’s just so heartbreaking. I’m just so shocked by the lack of leadership and concern he showed to my community. I have no words to describe the rage I feel, and it’s a sign of how much work we have to do.”

Smh. That just made me suck my teeth.

People are sooooooooooo blindly and literally ignorant these days. I swear.

Since when has heckling, shouting and interrupting live tapings ever yielded somebody being penciled in to talk important matters? And how was being interrupted like such “an ‘opportunity’ to listen to what [she] had to say?”

I’m so shocked by the lack of leadership and concern he showed to my community?” -Gutierrez

Are you serious?

I have no words to describe the rage I feel, and it’s a sign of how much work we have to do.” -Gutierrez



That right there… is so annoying to me and a clear example of how quickly people will run and play victim, and play hurt and trampled on by you when their approach in handling the situation was less than natural, normal, or professional-and then will go run and tell people (or the world) what a bad person the other person is!

ABC US News | World News

Really? Are you serious?

I swear, I’ve been in the same scenarios like such quite a few times (regarding other matters). And it amazes me how somebody can play victim, make you the villain, and not even acknowledge their fault in the reasons for the end result not getting any results!

That scenario so hit home to me. And what’s even MORE odd is: Gutierrez is all on tape-all across the country with a wrong approach about a matter that’s so serious (to her) that she felt required a special kind of attention.

With that being the case and you being in the same room with the president and other White House officials (that can get a word to him), you don’t feel like you could have solicited his attention in a better way, or even we the speech was over? Do you realize how many people wish they could be that close to the president to even slip a note over to him to see about having a 60 second conversation to address an issue? Gutierrez could have done that, too.

Yet, Obama’s the bad guy?

You’ll be surprised at how many people’s interpersonal skill set and rationale work like this.

I mean, you’ve got the entire country watching a near 2 minute video of where you were clearly in the wrong, and all you gathered from the incident is where the other person was wrong and as a result: a bad person? And you feel “rage”?


This is a shining example of why it’s best to never listen to people villanize a person about a scenario or situation that you weren’t there to witness.

Chances are…their approach to the situation was all wrong and the results, attention, response (or ignoring) they got was typically because of their approach.

I JUST went through a situation like this.



2) WHEN LISTENING TO SOMEBODY VILLIANIZE ANOTHER PERSON, ALWAYS SAY: “I gotta hear the other side” (before concluding an opinion about what a bad person they are).

Ill-thinking people with bad, irrational interpersonal skills need their own land, continent and pastures to talk “gooony goon goon” to each other in their own language and rationale.

Yes. A major pet-peeve of mine. Can’t you tell?

Because that’s very serious in life. People have had full-on reputations and their character ruined by people with rationale like that. Especially when [people like that] deliver being a “victim” to other ill-thinking people that too, don’t have the capacity to say “well, I gotta hear the other side.” And here we are (the entire world) looking at where Gutierrez was wrong and too, had no right to take that stance. Yet, he/she still thinks he/she was a victim and the president was wrong. Bazookas. You’ll be surprised at how many people think and rationale from their own scrambled eggs head like that.

I’m so shocked by the lack of leadership and concern he showed to my community?”

I have no words to describe the rage I feel, and it’s a sign of how much work we have to do.”

Where was such a conversation even had that you could even be enraged or come to that conclusion?

The scenarios I could tell you-where I’ve been left with the bag-caught up with ill-thinking people just like that would amaze you. I’ve had people in my personal life and even people who I do not even know and don’t even have the guts to step to me with a conversation do me like that-running my whole person off a cliff to another ill-thinking listening ear.

I do not fool with [entertain, engage, hang around/out with, or listen] to people like that under no uncertain terms.

That’s that on that.

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