Estate of BOBBI KRISTINA Requests Jury Trial in 8pp Docs (Inside) + See Gossip Posts Far Back As 2012 Revealing Domestic Abuse Predicting KRISSY’s Tragedy

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick GordonWell as you all may very well know, we’re rolling up on the sixth month that Bobbi Kristina Brown lay lifeless in a state now given a name called global irreversible brain damage–

(Scandal-fast you’ll have to read this next paragraph):

…all praises damning due to an incident where it is alleged her in-house (not legally) adopted brother who Whitney took in and looked after Bobbi Kristina (during the many years she and Bobbi were on the road) turned [eventual boyfriend post Whitney Houston’s death] turned husband, turned no such husband (post dad Bobby Brown’s investigation and Bobbi Kristina’s alleged attempted murder)…by this one man: Nick Gordon.

After months of official/authorized statements being released by her dad, R&B singer Bobbi Brown and Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston-mixed in by statements taken by unauthorized family members multiplied by rumors and eventual hopes of a recovery underway, it finally came down to this week-changes, finalities and unanswered questions being answered.

Staring with an official, authorized statement being released that Bobbi Kristina Brown is being transported hospice care where (after the fight, prayers and hopes) the family has come to accept the fact that nothing further can be done and no miracle is underway so as a result, she will be transported to a facility where nature (or some last ditch miracle) will take place.

Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s condition has continued to deteriorate. As of today, she has been moved into hospice care. We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God’s hands now” was the statement given by Bobbi Kristina’s aunt Pat Houston.

To that, additionally, a request for jury trial + lawsuit was filed on Nick Gordon for a $10 million dollars (for stealing monies from Bobbi Kristina’s account even as recent as this time during which she lay unconscious stemming from the bath tub drowning incident which too, in the lawsuit papers, Nick Gordon is being accused of being responsible for).



In summary, the papers state that Nick Gordon had been abusive to Krissy for quite some time even before the drowning incident which (according to the lawsuit filed), Krissy had confided in someone that she had finally come to the conclusion that Nick Gordon was not the man she thought he was.



This reveal was supposed to have led to a meeting with which Krissy was supposed to have on the very January 31 day that she was found unresponsive and face down in the tub that too (just came out in the docs) she (yet again) had a busted lip and missing front tooth and too, he had knocked her tooth out before during a fight in which [quote] he dragged her up the stairs by her hair [unquote] during this fight.

The interesting part about all these new revelations in the court papers is that several blind items gossip sessions have been had on blogs across the Internet as long ago as 2012-two whole years before Nick Gordon (“allegedly”) attempted to “murder” Bobbi Kristina.

Truthfully speaking, I came across these items sometime throughout all my reporting on Bobbi Kristina’s tragedy (and definitely after her March birthday when I felt sorry for that dude-sitting all online “mourning,” yearning and having that major sucka-attack over Krissy on what would have been her 22nd birthday I think that Dr. Phil interview he did got me investigating further.. But trust me, if you followed her Instagram and their output on Twitter and IG over the past couple of years-even before all this-you would never guess any of this was going on behind closed doors or that he would do this to her. She seemed very smitten with him. And mind you, even before I started this blog in November 2013, I have been watching Bobbi Kristina ever since Whitney’s death-out of curiosity to see which of Whitney’s “sister girl” industry friends she (Bobbi Kristina) would ever be seen with.

It wasn’t until I had come across these blind items + that Dr. Phil interview that my third eye stuck out. I never felt so stupid for feeling sorry for somebody in my life. Until these blind items reached my desk and that Dr. Phil interview, I felt so bad for the guy that I was thinking Bobby Brown and BK’s family were going through the regular / expected emotions of having losing her but having unanswered questions and merely upset because Nick was the last one to have been around/with Krissy. And thinking maybe Krissy just wanted to go “home” with her mother…or that this was an accident, perhaps.


So when I came upon these pieces, (even with my third eye on the situation) I never interjected it in the writeups because they were farrrr too domestic and deep for a blog post for me. I figured if I ran up on them, BK Brown’s family would eventually find out too. They’re pretty tragic and damaging-considering her state right now, and these pieces of Gs have been floating around for two three years now…(because despite the hearsay being circumstantial as evidence, still, there was: motive, propensity, opportunity, and a pattern from three years back in 2012 that lead to this kind of an ending in 2015).

Now that the secrets out, I will copy and paste for yous from whence the source came – Crazy Days and Nights gossip blog:

September 2012 Blind Item – Newly revealed B/I says BK Brown and Nick Gordon’s relationship often turns violent:


“What C list actress/celebrity offspring of a former A list couple really should watch out for her safety. That tooth she lost the other night at the hands of her boyfriend will not be the last one she loses. His drug use is out of control and when she uses, they get into fights about his cheating and spending and one of these days he is going to kill her. He almost did once, but he missed her head when he swung at her with a baseball bat and just dislocated her shoulder [unquote].”

REVEAL: Bobbi Kristina Brown

That rumor began seeping out in mid May 2014-even still before Bobbi Kristina was drowned. By end May (2014), Gawker and TMZ (who found out Nick was being investigated) got in on the situation too  ( Crazy Days and Nights gossip blog again ):

For the past few months things have been getting worse.
What was always a volatile relationship has turned more violent than volatile.
Family members have tried to help this C list reality star offspring of this former A+ list entertainer/singer.
From people I have spoken to who have been inside the home of our C lister, things are bad. There are drugs everywhere. There is cash everywhere. It is like watching Scarface. The significant other of our C lister thinks he is the next Scarface. The thing is he sucks at business. He just uses the money of our C lister to make it seem like he is making millions of dollars. Instead he is spending every cent she gets in the second it comes in and has made her sign all types of documents which have basically cost her most of her future income for the next few years. When he doesn’t keep her drugged up he beats her. He has all kinds of recordings of her doing anything he can think of just to keep her in line. He says he will release it all if she tries to leave him. She is scared of him and loves him at the same time. When he is wasted, the beatings can be rough and there have been shots fired more than once. Everyone knows he is going to end up killing her one night. She will try and leave and he won’t like that and will shoot her and kill her. The family hopes she can escape, but she has no place to go that she would accept help from.” [unquote]

REVEAL: Bobbi Kristina/Nick Gordon

Play with all that as you wish…


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