How CEELO GREEN’s Own Post…and Point Came Back To Haunt Him


download (5)We often suggest taking our own advice, but who would think your own advice would come back to haunt you?

download (4)Well, for former The Voice judge and Grammy winner Thomas DeCarlo Callaway a.k.a CeeLo Green, 39, he didn’t take his own advice (as well as he should have) but we’ll just blame the impulse of the heart and mind having forced him into a game of fastest fingers.

images (4)You see, this past Friday (August 29), Green pleaded “no contest” in the Los Angeles District court to one felony count of giving ecstasy (the drug) to a female acquaintance back in 2012.

As a punishment, he received three years of formal probation and ordered to complete 360 hours of community service along with an order to attend 52 AA/NA meetings. Green is also scheduled to return to court on March 5, 2015 for a “progress” report.

Well, that report may not look too well come March 2015 because Green didn’t follow his own advice when co-signing a poster with ink on a fingertip designed as a scan code with a caption that read: “Your DNA will be your data”(he posted on August 3, 2014):

MV5BMTgyNjI0MTA5NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzQ5MTEwNQ@@._V1_SY317_CR12,0,214,317_AL_Well over the weekend, he got into a heated Twitter exchange (which, although…the data was immediately deleted) it came back to haunt him—and his very own data was used as his DNA. During the heated exchange, he was quoted as having said (regarding the ecstasy rape charge):

If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! So WITH implies consent,” he wrote.

People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!

He then was quoted as proposing the question:

“So if I tried but did NOT succeed but the person said I DID then what really happened?”


Although the tweets were deleted, they were used as his DNA and traced back to him… As a result, although TBS claimed it was due to low ratings, they canceled Greens reality show The Good Life-it will not be returning for a second season, after just six episodes.

images (5)The shows cameras followed CeeLo Green as he attempted to balance life and work (recording/producing, touring).

Well, no one knows if his “data” [used as his] DNA will come back to haunt him at his March 2015 hearing but his [deleted data] his Twitter statements…sent a clear message oozing through his DNA-his misunderstanding of what “rape” is.

Rape isn’t always that old fashioned portrayal in the movies where peeper in he woods grabs the girl, covers her mouth and takes his way with her.


It’s like CeeLo talks about in the song on the post I copied (with the finger) where he mentioned “Cell Therapy.” Well, it’s a New World Order (today-2014), and even methods of rape has even evolved CeeLo, man…

download (6)At any rate, I was a rip-roaring Goodie Mob fan, and here’s the “ #cell therapy ” CeeLo was talking about (in the post).

“Cell Therapy” is a song by the disbanded group “Goodie Mob” about the New World order: [technology and being watched and violated—against our will by the powers that be]…

CeeLo was apart of in the 90s group and too, has a verse on the song:


Update: Green has since, apologized:

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