HALLE BERRY’s Husband, Actor OLIVIER MARTINEZ, Charged with Battery of LAX Employee


I’d rather have a baby seat thrown at me over having those [el]“bows” thrown at me—especially if the end result of your handiwork was this:


In the love department, Halle Berry may have been the most beautiful, unluckiest women women in Hollywood but I think she’s got it right this time.

She’s got herself somebody that loves her, goes to concerts and dances with her, wants to flee the country with her, picks up the bread and other perishables, still loves Disney…and protects her.

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Well if I were the papz (or anybody seeking an uninvited photo op), I would do my homework on whose space I was invading-especially when it comes to Halle Berry.

It’s already a known fact that Halle hates the papz and has gone to the high courts to fight having her space invaded, especially when she’s with her children.

Now although the papz are to celebrity what cornflakes are to milk, Halle is one such celebrity that I feel gets a pass (to hate the paz)…because never in her career has she attention-whored or had any interest whatsoever in doing so. She does her job, and takes time out to raise her family-unfortunately, she doesn’t work regular job that affords her to be inconspicuous enough [for her] to have that brand of “luxury.”

Unfortunately—the papz, (or airport employees) won’t let her be inconspicuous.

nahla_gabe_nahla_halleYou see, in addition to having to deal with not being able [to be inconspicuous] she just went through a terrible custody battle in which the end result didn’t go to well in her favor. To add insult to injury; she was also disallowed from taking her child, Nahla (with whom she shares with Gabriel Aubry) out of the country [to reside with she and her new husband/father of her son Maceo: Olivier Martinez].

Olivier Martinez and Halle 2All that being explained, Halle and her family are not the ones you want to get close to with a camera of any kind.

Reportedly, an LAX employee is filing charges on Martinez for allegedly being shoved in the tummy with a baby seat yesterday afternoon as Olivier, Halle, and her six year-old daughter Nahla arrived at Tom Bradley International Terminal.

According to reports, papz were out (doing what they do) and things got out of control. It is still unclear if the employee (along with the papz) was trying to get a photo op, bomb, or selfie, but it’s being said the employee got a liiiiiiit-tle too close and was shoved: hard enough to have fallen backward.


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*throws hands and twist my lips*

Ohhhh come on, you know:

“Damsel in Distress”


Olivier Martinez and Halle 8Here goes: The employee was treated at the scene and taken to a local hospital-complaining of abdominal pain and too, filed a battery report. After being discharged, the happy employee was seen by photographers sitting in the window sill of his home dreaming of the things he’s gonna buy with his little “ok, go away” check.

His thoughts fell straight to the ground. Papz even got pics to prove it!


Stay tuned.

Oh…I amuse even myself.

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