{For Old Times Sake} Former Hollywood Wild-Child TARA REID Posts a Nudie of Herself


If you don’t know Hollywood’s Tara Reid, 39, she was one of the original don-da-da’s of wild Hollywood-always at all the Hollywood parties, pictured drunk: eyeliner running.

Tara was (to the tabloids during the 2000s/Millennium) what The Information Age’s Instagram is to willing lambs electing to lead themselves to slaughter for attention, and/or to be rich and famous.

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The only difference is: the raspy-voiced actress was already rich and famous (and wild)–her publicist kept a statement on speed-dial for entertainment news media shows.

Over the years since the 2000s, a tamed Tara has fallen back on being about that life. The most the tabloids and Internet blogs would do during this Information Age (where they are concerned with her these days) is post a couple of not so flattering pics of the former party girl on the beach or something-nothing major.


Well this time around, this [2015] year, Tara unleashed her beast: posted a shot of herself nude, while sitting on a hammock, legs crossed and one hand covering any and all “nipplage.”

Other than “Happy New Year” w/no caption to toll her reason why she snapped the nudie, its making its way around with many blogs and tab-mags gone viral asking: “I mean…why? What now? Why’d she do that? I mean…what’s up?10903596_403874373113736_788361636_n


That’s all I got, too: Nothing.

I guess Tara won’t be outdone and wanted to jog our memories a bit, perhaps.

I dunno.

At any rate.

I know this much:

She did post some awsome pics of herself underwater and parlaying in Tulum where it’s being said she is vacationing with her new boyfriend she’s been dating since early December.

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