HALLE BERRY Finally Joins Twitter!


Look what the cats dragged in!

Halle Berry gorg

Halle Berry Pure Orchid

Who knew that when I reached for my last dab of my empty bottle of Halle Berry Pure Orchid that my cup would runneth over.

It’s been years now since the birth of Twitter and although Oscar winning actress Halle Berry hadn’t come to join us, that still didn’t make her exempt from getting blogged about!

*sticks tongue out

Well spring solstice is upon us and orchids are indeed at bloom so what better time could there have been for Halle Berry to blossom among the Twitter birds!

Just a couple days ago I had heard that she had opened a Pinterest account and so I figured in due time, she’d come through.

Well that time is now and what better way to welcome her for coming through than with a song titled with her named by Hurricane Chris (atop the OSF big screen).

Halle and Olivier

We took a peek at who Halle was following thus far and one of the lucky few she’s following among that list is Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Tap in this #ThrowbackThursday to checkout one of the cutest moments of Halle when she was preggers with son Maceo-dancing while at an Earth, Wind and Fire concert with her hubby Olivier Martinez who too, was getting it in dancing like no one was watching!

Tap in below to check out the beautiful Halle Berry on Ellen Degeneres’ show dancing to her ‘theme song’:




As you can see, Halle likes to get her dance on and although we don’t know if we’ll be getting some short vids of her getting her dance on or no, lock yourself in to @HalleBerry on Twitter!

Stop by and give her a warm welcome!

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