WHOOPI GOLDBERG Adds Cannabis-ness Woman To Her Repertoire: Launches Medical Marijuana Company with MAYA ELISABETH

Whoop Goldber and Maya Elisabeth 2The View co-host, Whoopi Goldberg’s love of “ganja” far exceeds the stereotype typically associated with having dreadlocks (and even wearing faux locks).

Although an admitted former marijuana smoker for many years, Goldberg says that her love for the marijuana vapor pen (for medical use to control headaches associated with glaucoma) is a far better option for her than actual marijuana these days.

“I started using the vape pen because I stopped smoking cigarettes about four years ago and discovered I couldn’t smoke a joint anymore. The relief that I got with the vape pen was kind of different from what I got with smoking. I could control it much better.”

Being a marijuana connoisseur of sorts, it would be ‘natural’ that she would become a cannabis herself—canni-business woman.

Like I mention here-on the first two pages-what marijuana did for me-when I was a preteen, all marijuana smokers have a “it’s ‘natural'” spiel on deck ready to spill.

Whoopi-Goldbergs marijuana productsHaving full belief in the excuse that many weed smokers use to ‘justify,’ naturalize and organi-cize their habit, in the healing potential of the herb (which, although is still illegal in some states and not others and the subject of much controversy and debate), Goldberg, along with Northern California company Om Edibles canna-business owner Maya Elisabeth, have joined forces to launch a medical marijuana company to produce and sell products designed to provide relief from menstrual cramps and pain.

No…this is isn’t those questionable herb vaginal suppositories we told you about before but rather, Goldberg and Maya Elisabeth’s product will be for external use (topical rubs, tinctures, “profoundly relaxing” THC-infused bath soaks-and too, will include cannabis edibles).

Whoopi stated in an interview with Vanity Fair [she] wanted to created products for women that provide relief but too, wouldn’t have you glued to your couch (as, we know that marijuana is a depressant versus a stimulant and is inarguably is known to earn its

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