GRAMMYs Highlights MADONNA (moons us), SAM SMITH (reminds us to be ourselves), PHARRELL (totally put off by TAYLOR’s inner hood chick) KANYE (fourfiveseconds from wildin’ on BECK), PRINCE (reminding us to quit selling ourselves), MILEY & KATY (comparing boob sizes) & MORE!

As per astronomy planetary positioning among the stars in the sky, Mercury is still in retrograde in the celestial and too, setting the stage for the energy between us terrestrials!

The stars were out in full force yesterday at one of the most memorable Grammy awards ceremonies to go down in history. It was crazzzzzzzzzy!

Everything was happening everywhere!

Before yous could even try to crap on Madonna, she let us all know we could kiss where the sun don’t shine


Taylor had us confused as to whether or not she thought Madonna was—what? An enigma? Fragment of her imagination? What in the world was this?


“New” Black Pharrell -put off by Taylor Swift’s inner hood chick:


Kanye was FourFiveSeconds from wildin on Beck for winning an award over Beyonce


Kanye’s wife along with long with John Legend’s wife (notorious for the “reaction face”)had this reaction to Beck’s win over Beyonce

While Sam Smith was advising us all to be ourselves:


Prince was telling us to stop selling ourselves:


And the President interrupted our regularly scheduled program to remind us it’s on ourselves:


Madonna performed


Pharrell performed

Beyonce performed

Sam Smith and Mary performed


Everybody put on:

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