KANYE Swiftly FourFiveSeconds From Wildin’ On Musician BECK Demands He Return GRAMMY to BEYONCE -BECK Responds | Should BEYONCE Have Returned Mic To LEDISI?


Obviously the man of the night was non other than Kanye West who, himself was less than FourFiveSeconds from wildin’ after music artist Beck was the proud unsuspecting winner of the Album of the Year award Grammy (with whom Beyonce shared the category).



It almost seemed like déjà vu; a total recall back to 2009 when West made his way upon the stage at the VMA Awards to state his case about why winner [of the BestB9YTbUdIgAAfgT9 Female Video award] Taylor Swift wasn’t as deserving of the award as…was…yes: Beyonce (who too, was in the same category but lost to Swift).




It’s 2015 now and the two are quite the chums now-and all is but dust under a rug.

Although both times (with winners Beck and Swift) Beyonce took it all in stride (and seemed unbothered either way), when the win with Beck over Beyonce happened like Swift over Beyonce; Kanye held his mouth but was literally FourFiveSeconds from wildin’-and couldn’t hold back his composure so much:


Kanye’s inability to hold his composure and approach to the stage to take us back circa 2009-Beyonce and Jay Z looked horrified that this was about to happen yet, all over again:


Needless to say, Kanye kept his cool but spoke his peace (in true Kanye form) while interviewing post-show stating that if the Grammys are wantiBeck_Beyone_Kanyeng artists to keep coming back, they are going to have to [quote] “quit playing with us” [unquote]. As well, West felt that the out of “respect for artistry” winner of the award [Beck] basically should have handed the trophy over to Beyonce.



Well it’s a day later and dollars short for non one involved (Beck, West, or Beyonce) but obviously Beck was probed for a reply.

The 44 year-old musician did in deed reply, humbly:beck


“I was just so excited he was coming up. He deserves to be on stage as much as anybody. How many great records has he put out in the last five years right?”

With regard to what he felt about Kanye feeling Beyonce should have won the award, Beck replied, “Absolutely, I thought she was going to win. Come on, she’s Beyonce!”

When asked to speak on [the insinuation] that Beyonce was true artistry and Beck-not, Beck answered, “You can’t please everybody, man. I still love him and think he’s genius. I aspire to do what he does.”

GRAMMYS_KanyeAlthough Kanye raised a good point about the confusion of inspiration being disrespected such that by playing social politics with accolades being won for great bodies of work—that it could kill the dream of the inspired-I can certainly understand that excellent point. But too, what seemingly (or is) shining the brightest and at the forefront (regardless the artistry) doesn’t necessarily mean its glitter was such that the scoring or other (non public factors) involved in receiving such an accolade met criteria for the win.

There are lots of people doing things, and making monumental moves and feats that no one hears about or knows of. Just because the public knew nothing about Beck (as compared to Beyonce) doesn’t mean Beck’s artistic  feats weren’t as statistically monumental (where the scoring for the award was concerned).

By the same token (and different-yet same set of circumstances) ironically, the same night (via the same stage) Beyonce herself (as we reported) was being LEDISI_BEYONCEscrutinized for being called to step in to sing a song from the soundtrack of ‘Selma’ which was sang by another (less popular) artist named Ledisi,

Not only was Ledisi the original singer of the remake of the song as sold on the ‘Selma’ soundtrack, but too, she played/sang as the character of the role in the movie-the woman who originally sang it.

Both ladies (Beyonce and Ledisi) are singing powerhouses-there is no argument there.

But fans of Ledisi and fans of Beyonce argued and determined everything from the popularity of Beyonce down to her having straight hair and lighter skin than Ledisi (who wears dread locks and is of darker complexion) as the reason the Beyonce was chosen over Ledisi to sing the song on the nationally televised event.

All things considered (as explained) should Beyonce have handed the mic back over to Ledisi?

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