‘My Way’ Rapper Fetty Wap Hit and Hospitalized After Motorcycle Accident



(Baby Won’t You Come) My Way newcomer Willie Maxwell (as known as Fetty Wap) was rushed to a local hospital from being injured on his motorcycle today after it collided with a car following his failed attempt to pass a vehicle.

Wap misjudged oncoming traffic opposite his direction and that very thing happened.

Fetty, whose signature look is [his] bravely baring the fact that he has one eye.Fetty Wap album cover
Since being on the scene, from beneath an eye patch, the rapper debuted his album  this month.

As well this week, by braving elements of his tween peers and taking the brave step of ditching his prosthetic eye, Fetty was celebrated for inspiring a young boy named Jayden Brava, who lost his eye to retinoblastoma at just two weeks old.fetty wap jayden brava

“I’ve been talked about my whole entire life,” Fetty Wap said about his missing eye.

The only difference now is they’re saying good things about the guy with one eye.”

Obviously, the ‘eye-rony’ of his accident today will be no different and Fetty Wap will not escape the trenches of social media with jokes-a-plenty.


But considering his recent album drop (and people who didn’t know of him until today); either way for the rapper who is currently recovering, it’s a win-win…win:


Win (Jayden), win (debut album having just dropped-expected to be a hit), win (he lived after being hit).


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