{Girl Talk: Aging} OPRAH Interviews CAMERON DIAZ & SHARON STONE Tonight on OWN


download (39)  We all gotta do it, and we all gotta have it: What’s “It?”

The Talk.

sharon-stone-600 That talk that our mothers, aunties, sisters, or other close female cohorts have with us at beginning of our womanly selves and too; that talk we have among ourselves (and if we’re lucky): with other women-once we have arrived to, from through full on womanhood where the true test of facing + loving and embracing ourselves inside and out meets us eye-to-eye.

Sure, men have to have this talk too, but for women it’s different-it’s secret. For men: they act out-it’s brazen, and often times outright desperate, yet bold-as they begin to soar their wild oats and do, behave in ways, and buy things to compensate for it. Women tend to relax, reflect, and do one of two things: suffer privately, or embrace it privately-either way, that’s when their full “sexy” comes in, how she chooses to handle it is all her own and tonight on OWN [television]; two Hollywood beauties that graced Tinseltown with more than just their talent-but their beauty as well-in two separate, yet, the same ways-will open up candidly about maturing:

  images (43) images (45) Cameron Diaz in a book she wrote (that we at Other Side of the Fame did a write up about) called: “The Body Book,” and as well images (44)download (40)Hollywood actress Sharon Stone in a recent interview with Shape Magazine [that we did a write up about as well].

images (42)    Both ladies share their stories as they have the talk with non-other than Oprah herself who too over the years, has been quite open and have had many of “the talks” with many-a-Hollywood’s most beautiful women.

download (38) Well tonight, Sharon Stone and Cameron Diaz are up to bat so make sure you read Other Side of the Fame’s write ups here on both ladies and tune in with us!    

We blog here but where we can, when we can’t teach a lesson, we are thrilled to point you where you can learn from the lives and experiences of others! I’m all eyes and ears!

Tune in to Oprah Prime – Cameron Diaz & Sharon Stone: “Aging Gracefully”  tonight-Sunday, March 16, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

Here’s a sneak peek at CAMERON’S INTERVIEW w/Oprah    

Here’s a sneak peek at SHARON STONE’S INTERVIEW w/Oprah  

Photo Credit: Sharon Stone (left) and Oprah Winfrey


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