For Old Times Sake: NICKI MINAJ Prepares for YOUNG MONEY’s ‘Rise of an Empire’ Compilation w/her Single “Senile”

Biq_zyGCUAAC527  Rapper Nicki Minaj, dressed in leather Moschino and a corset from her very own Fall 2014 collection, teases fans with what she will be wearing in her new video “Senile” which too, while be featured on YMCMB compilation album “Rise of an Empire” (which too, will have several features from all YMCMB artists on one record).

BitjSzFIEAAA18B BiufzicCcAENj1X “Senile” also features Lil Wayne and Tyga on the track.

Tyga sat down with MTV News earlier this week and had this to say about the song (that originally was something he wanted to release on his own):“Originally it was just a joint from my album that I was gonna drop and I just heard Nicki on it, so I went to the studio where she was recording, I played it for her, and she was like, ‘You should put Wayne on it, too,’ ” he explained.

Nicki has dropped singles and been featured/done cameos in videos and others’ songs since her latest effort “Pink Friday”-having fans wonder when the next full length album is going to drop. Well, they shouldn’t have to wait much longer because she intends to release “Pink Print” in the very near future (no particular release date as yet) however, Minaj insists that she is going to make sure this next record is nothing short of amazing: “It’s a classic album. That’s all I can think about right now. I’m just working on the album. Nothing else is really gonna take precedence over that.”

Other Side of the Fame will DEFINITELY give you the G’s on the drops the moment we get them!

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