GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF IT ALL: An Open Letter To ELISABETH HASSELBECK (And #BlackTwitter) Regarding “BlackLivesMatter” — Let’s Uncover What a ‘Revolution’ Is vs. A “Hate Group”

they do:

  • They “praise God” on Twitter sporadically (as if ‘God’ aint watching the hate they spew against their own kind)
  • They speak spiritual, dignified, and parlay their educated background and prowess’ with the respect of civil rights leaders of the 60s (you would never believe the hateful things they do to their own black kind if somebody told you-they wear great social media facades with timelines to back up their camouflage)
  • They’re Morehouse grads, adjuncts and professors (and will debate intelligently on Twitter as if they didn’t just turn the corner from other posse members in search of killing succeeding souls of those simply making a life while living-yet they turn their heads to the left and debate sane and sound minded, but will work at killing black LIVING lives. Oh you should see how they operate)
  • They keep up drama and bullsh/t that you can tell it’s the ‘thick’ of, and most excitement and accomplishment they’ve going on in their lives-so they hone in on it daily
  • They talk aloud to God (so as to prove to the world of social media something great has fallen into their lap from God) “I see what you’re doing God,” (as if the same peace and life they want for themselves from ‘God’-other people don’t have the right to live and want, too-without unsolicited interruption from them)
  • They’re regular people on social media who (at one time or two in life) worked with/for celebrities and considered that to be “successful” but are no more, yet, are out here chasing that “level” again-and seeing their own fellow black people making a life as a threat to them (if in any area) it’s remotely close to where they were or wish to be. In that regard, your black/living life (to them) means nothing and the spend ample hours on the Internet in posses, coming for you. It’s pitiful (literally).
  • Believe it or not, they are also D-listed, or defunct blacklisted singers/former entertainers and other (otherwise “God-fearing” “folk” and other “spiritual” “positive”) people who, at any emotional moment by the spearheaders of the #BlackLivesMatter; will toot the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag as well-run back to keeping up shit with black living lives (that should also “matter”), then yell: “praise god” in several variations (in their next Tweet). Repeat all (the next day, next day, next day).

It’s a cycle of crazy like you would believe. The list, surprise, and shame goes on and on.

They are MISERABLE and psuedo-everything. The facades are major because they don’t have to be held accountable for the hate that they do and spew, because unless you witness it or are in receipt of it; you won’t see it either. For the life of me, I never understood how people could put on two facades of two totally different extremes. It’s embarrassing and I’m embarrassed for them…

The DICHOTOMY of their righteous and self-righteous struggles, paralleled with such hateful and envious spirits (and busy with it, all day everyday I might add) is like some psychosis that’s not on the books yet. Their obsession with fame is uncanny. Their minds, hearts, spirits (and actions) are like…in six different directions. It’s extremely bizarre to me-how (at any moment of a 24-hour day) they can take on those facades roles Oscar-worthy.

THAT’S the #BlackTwitter #BlackLivesMatter “hate group”-NOT the #BlackLivesMatter “hate group” YOU (Elisabeth) think you see and speak of.Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Take note that (opposite the terrible types I just spoke of), there ARE some positive people about this all that are strictly passionate about #BlackLivesMatter without being apart of these posses of hateful fame-chasers. That said, still, Elisabeth…my opinion (and unforgivable disdain for these spearheads, their friends and these hateful posses that I speak of) doesn’t change the FACT of everything I just said earlier (regarding YOUR needing to understand #BlackLivesMatter meaning/mantra):  I will repeat what I said earlier for, this is the point:

Of the past three years alone, given the epidemic, rash, and domino-effect of the blatant disregard for black lives (not just at the hands of fellow civilians) but rather, at the hands of authority (and wannabe authority figures) hired to do a civil duty or hired to protect and serve; obviously a reminder [that] #BlackLivesMatter needs to be reiterated to those who obviously need the reminder [that]: black lives aren’t to be disregarded and thrown away as if no one knows, loves and needs us. Or that our existence on this earth, country, and universe is not as valuable and important as your own daughters, mothers, dads, aunties and sons.”

That [now being explained/reiterated to you]-a woman who fancies herself to be an intelligent and rational thinker of sound body and mind-how can something like #BlackLivesMatter be thought of as a “hate group” is beyond the realm of my understanding to YOUR experience and “view” [Elisabeth Hasselbeck] when it’s simple: Given the past three years (alone) of black lives being killed and disregarded, why is it so hard to understand that LIKE “all lives…” black lives really DO matter, TOO?

Now while I understand (and agree) that once a peaceful and informative collaborative group turns to retaliation or hate such that deaths are the result, yes (like the KKK); that is a step above a “movement” and should therefore be classified as: “a hate group” (like that of the KKK and their legendary moves, messages of hate AND murders).

BUT…On the flip side of that (which would be my question to you).

…as you see…after so many mockeries and scot-freedoms are the result of innocent lives being taken and disregarded, what (or where) is that fine line of “revolution” vs. a “hate group?” Is it who drew first blood [and formed due to] the tipping trippings of the scales of injustice?

Because the fact of the matter is:

  • somebody drew first blood
  • somebodies are still bleeding (hurting)
  • somebodies lives are taken and here to bleed no more

That’s why #BlackLivesMatter is a matter and (should-to even people like you) matter.

Ref: Black Lives Matter

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