GETTING TO THE BOTTOM OF IT ALL: An Open Letter To ELISABETH HASSELBECK (And #BlackTwitter) Regarding “BlackLivesMatter” — Let’s Uncover What a ‘Revolution’ Is vs. A “Hate Group”

this country have had (and carried within them) a basic, one-dimensional stereotype and opinion of black people that stemmed from levels of disrespect and disregard for the race since slavery. But despite it having been abolished, the attitudes and stereotypes about the race still remain.

Of the past three years alone, given the epidemic, rash, and domino-effect of the blatant disregard for black lives (not just at the hands of fellow civilians) but rather, at the hands of authority (and wannabe authority figures) hired to do a civil duty or hired to protect and serve; obviously a reminder [that] #BlackLivesMatter needs to be reiterated to those who obviously need the reminder [that]: black lives aren’t to be disregarded and thrown away as if no one knows, loves and needs us. Or that our existence on this earth, country, and universe is not as valuable and important as your own daughters, mothers, dads, aunties and sons.

Granted, I (a black woman myself) have my own personal issues [of the top #BlackLivesMatter #BlackTwitter spearheads] who I have yet to see take their #BlackTwitter messages and statistics to Washington to actually prove that they really feel black lives do matter! As, for every emotion-rousing tweet they tweet, there is an amendment to a law or a right that can be put on the books—(should the good fight leave the 140 redundant characters of that they just haven’t done YET. And I don’t respect them (for that reason only).

Additionally, when I see friends of these same people tossing around “#BlackLivesMatter posse-ing up, spewing hate and envy among their fellow black creatives, artists (and all else doing whatever it is we do) they lose me on selling me on them (individually). To me-they are the “hate group” (that you know nothing about…because you are not black and ‘in their way’-their ‘other’ way).

I’ll explain.

These people (that I speak of) are secretly broken in spirit yet work in posses to try and break the spirits of the happy, succeeding and free-spirited…I question their #BlackLivesMatter contradiction as, “black lives” [also] “matter” while living and breathing-not just once snuffed at the hands of authority figures.

These same people (that I’m speaking of…that you know nothing about…because you are not black) posse up and wake up every single day on Twitter working at snuffing spirits of living and breathing “black lives” who are simply just trying to make a life and live. Yet, these same #BlackLivesMatter’s (that I speak of) to profound and pretty up their Twitter timelines with poignancy are constantly in search of random shooting, beatings and killings by cops, but won’t stop their OWN “hate group” behavior (posse-ing up in groups [trying to] kill the spirit of black LIVING lives—as if the ONLY “black lives” [that] “matter,” matter when killed by the police).

How do you expect somebody to care or feel for what they do to the (black) dead/to cause it, when you-yourself don’t stop to look at your own behavior (that yous do) to the black and living? I don’t get that.

THAT’s the #BlackLivesMatter “hate group” you, Elisabeth, know nothing about (because you are white-not black) therefore, you would have to consult with the Willie Lynch letter’s methodology and remnants of slavery as a basis of the embarrassing self-hate among in black on black [people] to understand the #BlackLivesMatter “hate group” (whose darts you actually haven’t been stabbed with and bullets you haven’t been shot with).

Let me list some of the “hate groups’ ” m.o’s–who they are and what

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