GABOUREY SIDIBE Fires Back in Style At Being Taunted From the Red Carpet

“Health is wealth” might rhyme, and too, very well may be true, but the th (1) Precious star:  th Gabourey Sidibe fired back at her critics and wanted them to know that wealth is stealth, I’ll have you know. 

129131-original  Adorned in a cream dress by Daniel Musto, following her appearance on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, some cruel social media thumb thugs thought it’d be funny to take shots at Sidibe on Twitter about her weight. But as it turned out, she hardly took the insults lying down.

36967-original  Rather than to allow the nasty comments upset her, in nothing my total grace and style; she took a moment out to kindly remind the thumb thugs about where she was at that very moment (as compared to them-at home watching from the comfort of their television). She replied, cynically: “To the people making mean comments about my GG (Golden Globe) pics, I mos def cried about it on that private jet on my way to my dream job last night.”

I, for one, clapped so hard for her after that reply.

As well, others were in full support of Sidibe and she thanked them while taking an extra jab at her critics: “Everyone is so wonderful and supportive … Thank you! [it’s ] Not my jet though. I’m not that fancy.”

Well, sticks and stones may break our bones and words can certainly hurt us. But Gabourey Sidibe certainly proved that you can certainly fly above it (figuratively AND literally).

Eye Spied at MSN/Wonderwall

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