SNOOP Wins Battle for Securing Visa From Down Under While Son CORDELL BROADUS Stays on Top of His Game

th (1) The rapper Calvin Broadus, known as Snoop Dogg (slash) reggae artist:

Snoop Lion Snoop_Lion recently showed his haters just who the lion was (versus who was the pork chop was)-when they tried to step into the Lion’s den by blocking access to him getting an Aussy visa in order to travel there for his upcoming tour.

th (6)  According to our source, thousands of Australians signed a petition to have the officials revoke his visa for the tour which is slated to begin Brisbane on Saturday. As well, Snoop is scheduled to perform at the Big Day Out festival.

Lead by feminist Talitha Stone, she claimed that Snoop’s lyrics “glorified violence against women-which puts all women in danger.”

She expressed: Stone added: “There should be no place for recording artists who glorify misogyny and degrade women for entertainment.”

th  Well, despite the bid she put in [to have his Aussy visa revoked], Snoop was victorious. It was announced and approved on Wednesday, January 16, by Immigration minister Scott Morrison: “Snoop Dogg has a visa,” and as a result he was granted a work visa, which gave the green light on allowing his tour to go on as planned. 

Despite her attempts to successfully get the results she was looking for (having visas denied in order to block entry to the country) this isn’t Stone’s first attempt at trying to block a rapper from entering the country. She also claimed that rapper Tyler the Creator verbally abused her in a foul-mouthed rant during his show in Sydney last year because she lead the same campaign to have him banned from the land down under.

th (2)  This victory of Snoop’s comes on the heels of other good news for the Broadus family.

Cordell Broadus It was just two days ago that his son Cordell Broadus tweeted that he “got offered by Baylor.”

 th (8) Broadus told 24/7 sportswriter Ryan Bartow: “I got high interest in Baylor. I like how much they throw the ball. I also like their winning percentage.”

th (3) th (4) th (5) This day was put into practice many years ago, as it is well known that besides being a rapper, Snoop Dogg is very active in the community and has lead a football league for kids by which Cordell too, participated.

Now, a man and in college, all the years of practice was made perfect. Broadus is currently ranked as the nation’s No. 64 overall prospect and the No. 4 wide receiver [in the nation].

th (7)  It’s being reported that last year, Broadus recorded 685 yards on 60 passes and had scored 8 touchdowns thus far.

th (9)  Although Broadus publicly named Baylor as one of his prospects, they will have to get in line. Oregon, Oregon State, Boise State, UCLA and USC are all interested in the four-star recruit.

It is also known that Broadus is trying to attract the attention of Florida State and Georgia State however, he expressed he was leaning towards USC-of which his father, rapper Snoop is a longtime fan [of] and at this point and time, he hasn’t ruled anyone out as yet.


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