FUTURE Takes Fans on Introspective Journey Via Confessional In Digital Short: “Kno The Meaning”


Future continues to keep dropping the hot club bangers while opening the diary of his life via rock docs and song like never before.

“Got my game from them old ni%%as. Got know where I’m from to get to know a ni%%a.”

…the rap rockstar raps in the chorus of his hot, new single “Kno The Meaning” where in it, he takes us back to how he had to build everything from scratch after DJ Esco got caught up in Dubai where, when arrested, he was in possession of two years worth of Future’s music! Futures expresses about that moment “when they took him in custody they took my life away.”

As well, he makes the assertion that he had to fall out of love in order to get back to himself and the music, expressing “Best thing I ever did was fall out of love
Esco came to me, he said they think you washed up You need to go back in, show these niggas who the one.”

The video starts out with Future in a Catholic confessional of sorts-talking to DJ Esco-depicting the happenings in time while he was in prison (a time by which the inspiration behind Future’s 56 Nights mixtape was birthed.

The digital short and song is an introspective and reflective look into the journey and setbacks that obviously set him up for a comeback through to his current reign and fame that he shares in this confessional.

Tap in below to check it out:

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