Comedian HANNIBAL BURESS Takes to Beverly Hills To See If They Were Up On This MEEK MILLS & DRAKE Thang

While the world (online) is chasing this Meek Mill – Drake ordeal, don’t be so sure that on the streets of Beverly Hills, everybody else is so familiar with the rappers.


Comedian Hannibal Buress took to rodeo drive to see if the 90210’ers were up on thangs and while one claimed to know Meek Mill to the extent of “that guy that’s sleeping with Nicki Minaj,” another woman throwing her hands at it all claiming they’ll be okay as, “everybody steals everything-this is Beverly Hills,” and another assuming the ‘Drake’ part of this question most certainly had to be the Drake she knew from “Drake and Josh,” needless to say, although either may not be household names (of old), they are certainly household names of new and the net.

Tap in below:

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