FRANK OCEAN Accused of Jumping Ship On Commercial for CHIPOTLE MEXICAN GRILL


images (3) Chipotle almost had that jingle we’ve fantasized about (despite the fact that the food chain has managed to do quite well without a smancy-fancy jingle or television and radio advertising), but it would have been quite nice to hear or see one. And Frank Ocean was first out the gate to give us the first Chipotle jingle to remember yet,images (7) the “Novacaine” singer went numb on the popular food chain after backing out of a deal to record a song for an ad for Chipotle, now they’re suing him.

images (4) According to our source, The “Channel Orange” singer was hired to sing a cover version of the little orange guys of the 1971 Willie Wonka movie’s song: “Pure Imagination” for an animated TV commercial for the popular Mexican grill chain.

download (5) Now, the head honcho’s of the company have filed a lawsuit accusing Frank Ocean demanding the return of the $212,500 monies they paid him in advance (of the $425,000 he would have made end-project).

images (5) The “Thinking’ ‘Bout You” singer showed Chiptole he wasn’t thinking ‘bout them-at all.

download (6) It is being reported that Frank’s people sent an email to the company stating Frank felt it was a breach of contract that its very own company’s logo would be shown at the end of the ad. Yes…I typed and explained that right: FrankOcean did not want Chipotle’s logo to appear at the end of the commercial despite the fact that he was doing a Chipotle ad.

images (8) Singer/songwriter Fiona Apple stepped in and recorded the song after Ocean jumped ship.

images (6)  We at Other Side of the Fame will keep you posted if there is anything else to know about this.

Source: MSN Music

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