‘Mastermind’ RICK ROSS Buys 25 Franchises of WING STOP

images (13) He sang it and I’m taking it that he meant it: “Fck with me, you know I got it.”

As if it wasn’t enough that we at Other Side of the Fame served as Rick Ross’ honorary Better Homes & Gardens platform—displaying the beautiful acres of land and excessive amenities for a King [and Queen, peasant + pawn + joker + ace + club] , we’ve got more news-complete with a remix of his own song for a jingle to match: “Pluck with me, you know I got it.”

images (10) images (11)     With this big beautiful house Rapper Rick Ross just recently bought + this new fast food chicken chain he just invested in, with an album just recently released on March 4 “Mastermind,” either he was ballin’ real hard before the “Mastermind” album, or the album is just that good he knows he can count his chickens before they’re hatched, because he just bought a whole lot of it.

images (14) After sampling the company (Wing Stop’s) lemon pepper chicken during a trip to his barber where he dined on a fellow customer’s plate who too, walked in about to get a haircut, Ross was instantly impressed with the look and smell of the wings that like Toucan Samm, images (15)  he followed his nose and high-tailed it on down to Wing Stop to inquire about investing in it, but he’s no Fruit Loop—he’s jumping right through them.

download (11) Ross says, “I told myself, ‘Once the opportunity presents itself I’m gonna get one (Wing Stop) just for my personal use.”

images (12) Now, he is a franchise holder and explains “I jumped in head first and now we’ve got multiple franchises. Right now, I’m in the middle of a 25-additional franchise deal.”

download (9) Although ‘25’ [Wing Stop] franchises is about don’t amount to the 235 acres of land he just recently purchased, we’re thinking, that if all goes well with this new investment, one wing for certain and two-for sure; Rick Ross will never go homeless and hungry-never again in this lifetime.

download (10) Join us at Other Side of the Fame in congratulating Ross, in his own words: “…Whippin’ work. Hallelujah.”

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