{OnDaCover & In Between} EVERYTHING! MARY J. BLIGE: Abs, Album & At the Box Office. JBlige Preps to Take 2013 Out With a Bang!


“You gon’ get this work” …is slang for saying: “whether you like it, want it, or not; I, or it is coming, and here to stay. So deal with it, or work around it.”


maryj20f-1-web…and from the looks of things, Mary J. Blige is oozing the same sentiment straight from the front covers of the upcoming December issue of Shape Magazine where JBlige shows us a look proving that she is indeed taking 2013 out with it in the clutches of her chokehold and ending it with a bang bigger than the apple dropping in Times Square in New Your City.

The 42 year-old “Stronger with Each Tear” songstress who earned, and was adorned with the title: “Queen of Hip Hop Soul” is looking more like 24; is giving us Beauty and Body (in Shape magazine), mjb-xmas-album-400x400Ballads (from her recently released Christmas Album: “A ‘Mary’ Christmas), and giving us Box Office (where she is co-starring with the likes of Jennifer Hudson, Forest Whitaker, Rapper: Nas, and her “Coretta and Betty” co-star: Angela Bassett)-in a movie due out in theaters on November 27th called “Black Nativity.”


She is conditioned.

If you have been following JBlige, you already know that she has been touring (and conditioning), making made for television movies (and conditioning), and vacationing (and conditioning). It shows, as she is prepared to end 2013 in our ears, on the big screen + on and inside the covers of Shape Magazine where in it, she for once and for all tells us she has taken a vow of sobriety in ways like never before.

JBlige explains she had given drinking up once before but started drinking again, but is now one year and three months sober and feeling “stronger than ever.”

In the Shape Magazine article, Blige confesses that the same thing that made her weak and drink again: the death of Whitney Houston (r.i.p) ironically, was the same thing that made her strong again—in that coming to the stark raving realization of how such a wonderful talent could go out the way she did crushed, but changed her.

marynomoredrama The “No More Drama” Superstar Learned to Respect the Power of Having Only One Life to Live

JBlige was inspired by the unfortunate and devastating tragedy and vowed not to do the same-understanding the seriousness of it all having known someone so close and personal that slipped away from something so sadly (for many of us) that too, could have very well been avoided.

mary140x105 In the article JBlige says: “Whitney Houston’s death really crushed me. I saw someone so incredibly talented just diminish, and I refuse to go out like that.”


Well from the looks of things, with the help of New York based physical trainer (J.R. Allen) assisting in the conditioning of Mary’s body, and considering the fact that she has an album and a movie coming out in the close of this year, it looks to us that JBlige is actually going out stronger and more alive than ever. And into the coming new year even better!

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{Eye Spy’d: Zayda Rivera/The New York Daily News}

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