According to FORBES: It’s MADONNA’s Material World & We’re Just Living In It……And So Is Her Rival: LADY GAGA

madonna-material-girl-video-cap-0004It’s a funny thing about big name megastars (in all their blood, sweat, and tears of glory in front of their actual stories).

madonna-bikini But it seems to me that you new-to-the industry whipper-snappers had better tread lightly when stepping onto the scene with a style reminiscent of them, and being coy or flat out disregarding the fact that a lot of your music and fashion style is surely inspired from these dames in the industry that came long before you.

    madonna-material-girl-video-cap-0021Don’t you dare carry it and carry it for to long a time or those claws will come out if you don’t clearly express yourself in giving credit where it’s due.


Although it’s reported (and widely known) that Madge began taking digs at the “Born This Way” superstar after she accused Gaga of ripping that very song off one of her songs (“Express Yourself”) midways into her career-since being on the pop scene and being compared to the Material Girl as well (that may have only added insult to creative injury for Madonna). I’m guessing that is all what started Madge to taking digs at Gaga about a little over a year ago.

ladygaga_madonna If you’re a fan of both of them (like I am), then you KNOW it’s been pretty entertaining to watch-I must say.

At first, I could tell that Gaga was actually very hurt, but that Leo in Madonna had zero f&Ɔks to give up at the Department of Empathy.madonnaonpole Her little (adopted) kids and her two teens (Rocco and Lola) gotta love her–I’m convinced. Because I’ve always felt that Madonna was just one of those personalities that although time has turned her age in numbers; still, has one of those 21 year-old personalities all the day long! Her personality is just: “21.” And I think that love her or hate her, it is what it is-and she gives two  f&Ɔks. Period. Dot.

At first, I could tell that Lady Gaga was hurt that she wasn’t embraced by Madonna. And I could tell she really wanted that Seal of Approval at one time. But after quite some time of knowing that was not going to happen, eventually, Gaga seemed to make peace with it and worked her way to taking it all in stride by dismissing Madonna’s criticism-and nowadays; is returning that same zero f&Ɔks given [about anything that Madonna has to


 say about her] and even mocked Madonna (and herself) during last weekend’s appearance on SNL! lady-gaga-snl-monologue-600x3371 I LOVED IT!lady-gaga-snl_featured_photo_gallery lady-gaga-saturday-night-live-host

But check this out (2012), LOVE IT! ……How Gaga can have fun with it all. Hilar! (I think the Gaga olive branch will always be extended should Madonna ever care to accept it-I really think she loves Madonna. I can tell by the way she plays with it versus a knock down drag-out bite back at Madonna’s sharp and countless digs at her).

Although two negative of zero f&Ɔks given may amount to nothing, according to Forbes’ annual report of the worlds highest paid musicians released just a couple days ago; it lists the Material Girl as its highest paid music artist in 2013—which tops Lady Gaga by over $40 million dollars.

Forbes reports that this year alone, Madge ranked in a whopping $125 million dollars (from June 2012 to May 2013) as a result of her MDNA tour of which, since its beginning, pulled in a total of $305 million.

As well, according to Forbes Gaga earned $80 million, and despite her canceling her tour due to a hip injury, still ranked in a whopping $160 million. Because the Forbes report was released at a time during its scoring period that Gaga’s ARTPOP album sales weren’t reported, her earnings from that were not included.

madonnahardcandy_450x380Madonna’s longevity in the music industry is well past [what for others is], “earning potential” or “worth”-she’s earning potent, as Forbes reports it, as she is still wheeling in millions from the merchandise sales of her “Material Girl” clothing line and her “Truth or Dare” franchise of clothing, perfume, lotions, books and the “Truth or Dare” documentary (from whence the franchise was inspired).

gagaIt is anticipated however, that Lady gaga is expected to be in Forbes’ top spot next year with projected earnings from her “ArtPop” album and revenue from her sales on her upcoming tour to promote the album.

Like we at #OtherSideoftheFame always say across Twitter: #Staytuned.

 {Eye’d Spy’d: Tarringo Vaughan New England Music Examiner, Access Hollywood courtesy of NBC} 

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