Eeks! 2nd Preview of NICK GORDON’s DR. PHIL Interview Surfaces in Lieu of Premier Today :/

nickgordon_drphilCall it what you want but it’s going up, or down this afternoon on Dr. Phil when he has this sit-down with Nick Gordon [that we told you all about just two days ago].

Another clip to…uh…wet your tear ducks is out and…as you’ll see in the first few seconds of the :57 clip, it’s even an awkward moment for Dr. Phil.

Iiiiiiiiiiiidunno if this “intervention” was the best thing for Nick Gordon (or his mom).

Hey, I get around. I’ve heard about people questioning and joking with an almost “the tears of a clown” observation: Where the facial expression of one thing is apparent but the antithesis of the emotion is happening.

I get it.

Hey. I’m going to try and look at it like this:

This is a moment (that probably should not have happened). And with lights, cameras, and crew standing around looking at you + the world knowing nothing much about you but too, have anticipated this moment; things could goooo a little something like this:

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