So Yesterday: 12 Year-Old Footage of a Young KANYE & JOHN LEGEND Performing “Gold Digger” Makes it Way Around the Internet

Oh nothing like those humble years—to humble us, right?

Twelve year old video footage of Kanye West (2003) performing in NYC at the 2nd Annual Dynamic Producer’s Conference-a piano version of his (eventual) hit song “Gold Digger.”

The song was the second single off his sophomore album Late Registration although at this particular time, West was preparing the world for the debut of ‘Kanye’ and his debut release College Dropout.

And yes, right around the 1:18 of the footage, the camera makes its way over to his pal and chum: a young John Legend playing that piano singing (where, later of course) Jamie Foxx along with the Ray Charles sample, took it from there.

Funny how time flies when you’re having chum.

As we all know now, twelve years later, the two chums are both successful in their own rights and are still friends today.0


I love humble beginnings.

Although this “Kanye” ’s souled out cashed out now, the talent [and Kanye and John]’s cuteness can never be denied.


Check out the finished product of that song they were performing:

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