DRAKE Cleared in Toronto Rapper MO G’s Beating – Drops “Pop Style” & “One Dance” Today



Well he may have sang and said all summer ’16 he would be playing dirty not clean and that all these boys in the new Toronto wanna be him but that ‘don’t mean Toronto rapper Mo G had anything to do with it. I mean hey, his name was mentioned in the song as having the dance moves already.

Fast forward.

Drake and Mo G

Rapper Drake’s name has been cleared in a little tete-a-tete of sorts that had been brewing in his stomping grounds over there in 416.




What had happened was, a little known rapper who (from over there in Toronto and goes by the Mo G) found himself getting stomped after staking claims [if true-should have been taken to court rather than these IG streets]-that some closely related persons to Drake / OVO owed him monies for some work he’d done for them and that they were trying to hide him from the industry. Cockily, he just goes on and in about this:








Not saying that that very well couldn’t be true because of course, stuff like such does happen. But taking your

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