Love Triangle Of TYGA, KYLIE JENNER & BLAC CHYNA Comes Full Circle: ROB KARDASHIAN Engaged To BLAC CHYNA + How The KRIS JENNER Machine Is Iron-Clad

Like most things I think, feel and conclude, I have certain mantras in and about life that I insist on solely coming from my own conclusions (rather than studying the philosophies and thoughts outside of myself to conclude things that I want for me or that I think or feel for myself).Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian

One of those mottos to remind me to be conscious and on top of things [to keep me balanced in being not so positive that I’m foolheartedly optimistic and out of touch with reality while too, balancing being no so realistic that I don’t allow myself to dream or find light or a side that’s bright] is to try and make sense of what seems senseless or sensational-find a blossoming in the bad…or some benefit in buffoonery.

Such is life right now in the world of pop culture and entertainment where the world of it is going crazy over yet, another successful creation of the Kris Jenner machine: Breathing life back into her son Rob Kardashian Jr. from out of the emotional and physical slump he had been in for years—all being apart of the past right now since being plugged in and lit by the likes of nighttime hottie Blac Chyna


…(say this with me Scandal-fast):

FormerFriendOfRob’sSisterKimKardashian-TurnedEnemyWhoseBabyDaddy(rapper Tyga)EnteredThePictureDatingKardashianYoungerSisterKylieJennerWho(obviously, still)IsAndEnemyBlacChynaWhoNow(somehow)InfiltratedTheKardashianClanByDating RecluseRob(and now)Today-FourDaysPastAprilFool’s-Is(now)EngagedToBeMarriedTo BlacChyna.


Blac ChynaIf it’s one thing we can learn from the Kris Jenner machine is-the opposite of being famous for talent is being famous for being famous [and
thanks to social media] the art of spinning and spiraling unbelievable sh/t can indeed be profitable.Blac Chyna engagement ring

Moreover however, when it’s time to get that dollar and get your life (and living) in the process, the lesson here is: “We can stay enemies with useless enmity between us over some bullsh/t or we can get out here, spin these tales and make this money.”

Blame the Scorpio in her for naturally having a penchant and natural-born savvy for shared resources and big business but either way, it’s iron-clad in these days of thoughtlessness and fad.

Kris Jenner works her hand in game of being famous for famous and knows quite well how to entertain and grab hold to the sleep minds of social media and slip it dreams.


To that end, I’m just gonna turn the rest over to finish fascinating you with the story of the day: The engagement of Rob and Blac Chyna who will soon be known as Angela Kardashian.

Have at it. Bringing the spiel to you courtesy of our sister site we’ll let  give you the deets:

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