DJ PARIS HILTON: “I’m One of the Top 5 in the World, So…”


paris in tiara  hiltonparis_aap_1200Well, the transition of going from heiress,

paris-hilton-kim-k …to socialite

parishiltonsextapeto sex tape

 thto Simple Life

(to oblivion)…

122313-paris-hilton-ibiza-launch-1…to now: to DJ, is certainly paying off for Paris Hilton

122313-paris-hilton-dj-launch-v2-3  According to TMZ, when a staffer ran into Hilton recently at LAX, she was asked how well she was doing since her transition into the world of electronic music and how it was paying off (financially). The blond bombshell dropped a bombshell: “I’m one of the top 5 in the world, so…”


19145-spinderella-ufetvatlaImmediately when we saw that, we at Other Side of the Fame know all too well who in the world of DJ’s would most certainly have a problem with that statement: DJ Spinderella.

Salt-N-Pepa-Photo-Three…(member of the 90’s super-group: Salt n’ Pepa).

yuKxmQ4vHHA  Spinderella is, and has been a real DJ by tried, tested, and true trade for a couple of decades now spinderellaand (although she does radio too); she is very offended by the rash of Default DJ’s popping up in the industry talking yang about how great they are [and the fact that they just are default DJ’s when all else failed].

th (2)   DJ Spinderella   101812-shows-106-park-Spinderella If our memory serves us correct, it’s not that she is hating, but she hates the fact that the skill is not taken seriously enough that these industry Default DJ’s haven’t, and won’t even study and respect it as a skill to be studied and respected [beyond someone showing them how to place the vinyl on the 1’s and 2’s and how to take ‘em off].

paris-hilton-djing  Knowing that Paris Hilton has that “hurry up-no wait” kind of money [versus “hurry up and wait”]; we know she didn’t (and wouldn’t) dare waste her time learning the skill of the trade. We know all too well that someone would be willing to give her a crash course on DJ’ing and instead; let her popularity do the rest (that’s just the nature of pretty much any industry skill, trade and profession).

Well according to TMZ……………


*record scratch*

2009 MTV Video Music Awards - Show Yeezus…I mean-Jesus: take the wheel…but way’min’way’min let me explain:

Paris-DJing   Paris did ink a huge contract with one of the largest clubs in Ibiza this past summer after packing the house + moving the crowd for several months consistently.

Although she didn’t make the Forbes 2013 Top DJ’s list alongside the likes of:

calvinharris_dj  Calvin Harris who scratched in $46 million

DJ_Tiesto2005  …followed by Tiesto at $32 million

th (3)  …and (from VH1’s JerseyShore) throw DJ Pauly D in the mix at $12 million.

ST_20130924_RTPARISJFH8_3850104e   Yeah we know…the heiress could very well sit at home and simply be simple–and rank all of what they made on just being an heir. But according to TMZ who went diamond diving; sources close to Hilton told them she makes somewhere between 100k-300k per hour when she does DJ!

paris-hilton-amnesia-520x292  (I guess popularity and being famous for being famous does pay more, and is worth more than studying the skill earning your rank huh?).


th (1) Spinderella. Spinderella (1) Cinderella.

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