KANYE’S Swan Song: Resolves to Take Six Month Sabbatical on the Kanye We’re Used to Knowing!

jesus_wheel_300“Jesus take the wheel…”

(He did)!


$_35  From who you say? YEEZUS-that’s who.images

US rapper Kanye West performs during a c  Yeezus is no hypocrite or false prophet I tell ya.

kanyewest Just less than a month ago, he was pretty insistent that Sway didn’t have the answers, and now he wants to prove the us sinners and mere mortals out here in the world (that have to honor to be blessed with his presence); that he’s about to be seen and not heard.

That’s right.

Kanye-West-Yeezus-December-ACC-2013-copy  In what we will call a sw’rant (swang song and rant), during his recent concert in Toronto; Yeezus blessed the stage and audience with the 27-minute sw’rant where he vowed to resolve to “stop ranting” and “being negative” for six whole months!

kanye He warned us (about what we will certainly be missing) and wanted to let us all know that we can put this medicine on our spoons and let it go down-down-down for the last time. And that anytime (within the next six months) if we got the urge and started fiendishly wanting his overdoses of Kanye-Titter realness, we are going to have to let our fingers do the walking over our QWERTY keys and mourn his downloaded presence while the words to the song “The Way We Were” plays on our hearts and minds as we watch snippets of how we used to be six months ago and beyond-ranting and such.

That’s right.

He wanted to let us know that he’s going to go out this year with a bang and leave us sinners and mere mortals with our silly belief that his streams of consciousness we call “rants” are what he calls expressing himself.

We say tomato, Yeezus says tomatoe and for six months, he’s calling the whole thing off.

1297506651075_ORIGINAL  He reiterated basically that he’s going to leave us with our version of the misunderstood Kanye, meanwhile he’s gonna be busy moving onward and upward to another level of creative ideas and outlets in 2014, but while we’re missing him, have at those “tapes” as last tokens of realness we gon’ ever see and get.

Kanye even offered an olive (shoe)string to Nike:

He went to “express” that he’s not even going to mention Nike in a any other kind of light that wasn’t positive.

Kanye even extended an olive statue to the Grammys and its officials: The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences

 kanye (1) Yeezus even swore off mentioning the Grammys in a negative light and even “expressed” his willingness to do a mental 360 by considering the 21 Grammys in total he was won [in his ten year career as a genius in the industry–which is more than many have accomplished in 20-I’ll have him know].GrammysKanye

Kanye’s olive branch to the world:

Screen-Shot-2013-12-11-at-23.49.02  Yeezus wanted to let us know that he didn’t want to be looked at as the guy with all these accomplishments and opportunities and keeps repeatedly complaining and making negative what he should she as positives and going forward; that will be his focus: on the positives and didn’t want to be seen as that guy who everybody looks to-to “turn up” all the time (for the publics entertainment rather than understanding). He’s not entertaining us by “expressing” himself anymore with things that the public keeps electing to purposely misunderstand.

He wanted to let us know that [Toronto?]…Or the on stage sw’rant in Toronto, was the very last time we would see him “express” himself in this fashion or hear him say anything negative about anyone or any thing going forward-so: grab your keyboards, ‘cause the only light you’re gonna see Yeezus in-is looking and moving forward and up!

Yeezus1 (1)  Well, hope you enjoyed my interpretation.

If anybody could deliver it to you from the heart and mind of Kanye, it’s me.

I totally love and understand Kanye from every angle.

I adore him so much that (back during his Jimmy Kimmel wrangle) I even designed a line of sportswear called: featuring®™ -Kanye inspired it. It’s a line of “ego” wear, where I also did an sub-brand specifically in Kanye’s honor called: Kanye featuring Kanye: A sort homage paid to Kanye for those of us who love him and chose to do like he does (and rapped): “Use his arrogance as self esteem to fuel [our] dreams.”

Happy shopping (stay tuned to this link too, because we are moving the line over here)

At any rate.

Here’s his version of my interpretation as explained in this blog.

unnamed  Join us at Other Side of the Fame in wishing Kanye all the best as we know six months from now is the June month-which too, is his birth month. And with all this focus on his creative endeavors he is about to do, we are looking forward to a big birthday surprise at the end of his six month sabbatical. #StayTuned

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