Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness: Did MOSES-Haired U.S. Olympic Swimmer RYAN LOCHTE Fabricate His Own Rio Robbery?

If you didn’t know whatever became of that mysterious, green water situation in the Rio Olympic pool, the answers eventually poured in-sorta like how 21 year old champion swimmer Ryan Lochte’s got to answer for some things, too.

Two ironic things stand: Lochte (in all his white-grey locks, 10 Commandment Moses-hair like glory) failed commandment #9 “Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbor” (lie).

Ryan Lochte Rio robbery

If you remember, news traveled fast when the 12x medalist champion athlete reported, posted on Twitter (and interviewed with our guy, Extra’s Billy Bush) regarding the alleged incident. The swimming superstar stated that one starry, unholy night, all wasn’t calm and all wasn’t so bright when he and some of his other swimming buds were robbed at gunpoint.

ryan lochte

Although he claimed there were no police sirens or lights in involved, Lochte claimed some guys rolled up on he and his pals Gunnar Bentz and Jack Conger, and James Feigen. From there, the thug supposedly showed a badge and they were asked to get down on the ground.

Ryan then claimed that he refused to cooperate because they did nothing wrong. From there, the guy pulled out a gun and proceeded to cock it at his forehead and demanded he get down-again.

Lochte claimed it was then that he submitted and the guy took their money, and his wallet.

Tap in for the interview.

Fast forward.
Not so fast.

Ryan-Lochte- Photo credit Michael Sohn Associated Press

As the Olympics will be wrapping up soon, a Brazilian judge is going to see to it that Lochte and his swim pals won’t be leaving any blood or chlorine stains on Brazil’s hands-claiming having gotten robbed during such a remarkable time that too, will make the history books.

On Wednesday, the judge ordered

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