Current Status: ‘ATL 2’ Coming to Theaters (and Bootleg Tables) In a Hood Near You

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Now is just a good a time as any as, ever since the 96 Olympics was brought there-the city of Atlanta took on a whole new landscape and meaning. And since then, has been pretty much the place to be where even before then, its culture is, and always will live in the hearts of Atlanta natives (despite the turnout and turn up of today).

A great depiction of (a part of) the ATL subculture and life was captured in the 2006 movie ‘ATL’ starring actress Lauren London, hip hop artist T.I., and Evan Ross, and Jason Weaver.

Well now they’re back in a film soon to be directed by Chris Robinson (who, many of yous know, was first and very instrumental in Alicia Keys’ success early into her career.)

At any rate.

Current status: ATL 2 is coming–to theaters (and many a bootleg tables) near you.


Since (like our friends at E!) bit copied lifted are fans of Other Side of the Fame’s satirical (or sometimes serious of selection of a better word) strike through game that we’re notorious for doing in many our our blogs, and too, find fun in it; we decided to choose Complex to tell you the story about ATL 2.

Read on:

T.I. broke into Hollywood in 2006 with the supremely underrated ATL​, a coming-of-age story that paints a detailed portrait of Atlanta. In it he plays Rashad, a wise high school senior/talented roller skater/aspiring artist/night-time janitor grappling with the cusp of adulthood along with his friends. Despite Tip’s age at the time (26) he captured the anxieties of young love and figuring out what the fu(k to do after high school.

With several more films since added to his resume, T.I. is set to make a glorious return to his acting origins with ATL 2. The rapper/actor announced the sequel on Instagram today, with director Chris Robinson confirming the news with a slightly different filter.


Where are the boys men of ATL now? We can’t wait to find out. Judging by their attire in the photo (presumably…. (cont’d)


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