DR. PHIL To Stage Intervention with NICK GORDON Regarding Wrangles w/BOBBY BROWN & The BOBBI KRISTINA Case Altogether

Dr Phil intervenes Nick Gordon

Although Nick Gordon whose under investigation in the case of Bobbi Kristina found face down in the tub in the early morning hours of January 31 (and to date, remains hospitalized) won’t talk to police officials, word in the media is that he will be talking to Dr. Phil [who we’re told is in the process of setting up shop right now to come to Nick for an interview].


As you may well know, several reports have surfaced about the case in which Bobby Kristina’s father (through his lawyer) has repeatedly asked the public to quit spewing-(either way) considering it could quite possibly derail the integrity of the investigation.

Even I have heard some things to this very  date and through and even as far back as early-mid 2014 but I won’t report report stuff like that about such a serious case (for shock value or because they seem like possibilities that connects dots where there seem to be holes).



No one knows just shy Nick won’t speak to the authorities but we do know that an intervention is being staged and setup right now as, Bobby Brown and Nick Gordon obviously love Bobbi Kristina however-between the two (obviously) there’s enmity and disharmony.

We all know Dr. Phil for his no holds barred questioning-so perhaps this could be good for Bobby Brown-to get some answers that perhaps he is seeking.

As far as this thing goes with Nick Gordon, even as of now-he has the right to remain silent, and anything he says can (and will) be held against him in the court of law.


Considering the fact that (as we reported) just yesterday, Nick posted a near suicidal tweet + all up and down his timeline-is obvious distraught and grieving and understandably nearly obsessing over Bobbi Kristina right now, [and even despite having not met the demands of Bobby Brown and his lawyer in order to be permitted to visit Bobbi Kristina] is bold enough to continuously step to her father Bobby Brown in ways and as if he is not currently under investigation.2652557600000578-0-image-a-21_1425507524169

Either he is:

  • innocent
  • crazy
  • rebellious

(or all three), but either way…this thing is getting interesting.


On a more hopeful side, like I said a few posts ago. Throughout it all, it sure would be nice to imagine that Krissy is sitting up in that hospital complaining about that horrible granulated food she’s having to eat right now.

It sure would be awesome to know. I’d love for that to be so-for all involved.

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