Dress You Up In My Love: CHRISTIAN SIRIANO Dresses LESLIE JONES In Red Hot Number For GHOSTBUSTERS Premeire


Madonna sang it best (and Christian Sirano did the dress)

I got something that you’d really like. Gonna dress you up in my love. All over your body.Prince and JHud White riding hood

…and that’s exactly what Christian Siriano did (who notoriously and most recently is the name stitched onto Jennifer Hudson’s white riding hood dress she famously wore to the 2016 BET Awards ceremony): Took his bobbin and created this sexy, red number for comedian Leslie Jones that was anything BUT funny!

Some serious sexy is going on here. See it and Bo-Peep weep:


Leslie-Jones-Christian-Siriano-Ghostbusters-Premiere-Dress red trane
Hey girl hey!

Just when we thought the worst designer dumper award should go to longtime friend and designer of Cher’s (Bob Mackee-who dumped her to dress Miley Cyrus for her world tour), in walked Leslie’s designer diss.

You see, when pretty much every designer got ghost when it came time to dress Jones for the Ghostbusters premier, Siriano came through to make sure things didn’t exactly go bust for her.

End result: this hot, bust baring off the shoulder number that was CERTAINLY something we’ve never on her or her in this light!

Draped in a studded necklace and matching clutch and heels-looking svelte, fit, right and tight; Jones, 48 (showing lots of skin-up to and including a mid thigh spit) struck a pose at the black carpet premier of Ghostbusters-sashaying and showing off curves we never knew she had!

“I feel amazing,” Jones expressed to our friends at US Weekly-stating Christian hooked her up: “Christian hooked me up! Christian Siriano hooked me up!”

Now if you remember, Jones took to Twitter to put designers on blast for not wanting to dress her but, reportedly (according to designer Jessica Paster who spoke to The Hollywood Reporter) dressing Jones wasn’t as cut, kirt, and dry as she took + tweeted  it.

“This is nobody’s fault except Leslie’s. She should have known four to five months ago the date of premiere, and said: ‘I’m not a sample size, I need to go to designers early or buy myself a dress.’ Don’t be blaming designers and saying they don’t like you.”

Uh…well…be that as it may, let the record state a ‘template’ to stitch that we mustn’t ignore: Christiano Siriano (a mere, new, winning designer plucked straight from a 2008 Project Runway reality show) answered the call for the task on June 29 (2016) and well, on July 10 (2016) the rest is his (and her)story:


counting..12 whole days. Oh, but…who’s counting?







…(and he even found the time to wed his longtime partner Brad Walsh on Saturday–a whole day before the dress was worn!)

Brad Walsh and Christiano Siriano

Leave these things to the pros. Great job Christiano (and congrats).

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