AEROSMITH Bass-Badass JOE PERRY Faints Playing To Coney Island Crowd

I told yous already-like (the first time I had seen it), with Daryl Hall and Fall Out Boy and the goings on at Daryl’s House, I’m loving this mixture of the rock greats with our era banding together and rocking out for crowds cross-country.

Given greats like The Grateful Dead encompassing and touring with the likes of our John Mayer, this creative trend in music is proving that music is indeed a universal language and well, if you’re a bad-a$$, you’re just a bad-a$$, nothing cross-genre can stop that (as was proven with rockers Aerosmith and rappers Run DMC in music history as far back as the 80s in Walk This Way).

Well fast-forward.

Rocking bass bada$$-Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry walked the other way when the faint he was feeling thought it was going to catch him off guard and off key this past Sunday night. Instead, Joe Perry’s faint, fainted—not the other way around.


Joe Perry’s much too much a rocker to be seen all stretched out in front of the Coney Island crowd he and his band The Hollywood Vampires (which includes the legendary Alice Cooper and actor Johnny Depp) were playing for.

The 65 year-young rocker quietly copped a squad over at the corner of the stage and continued to strum with the pain through his fingers until finally (coolly) walking to the rear of the stage where

Vintage joe perry 80s

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