BRITNEY SPEARS’ “Secret Hair” Tells The World – Live on Stage in Vegas + She Gets a Surprise Visit From STEVEN TYLER

As we all know, New Millenium pop princess Britney Spears has earned herself a residency in Vegas along with some of the more seasoned vets in the music business who have been in the business yearsss before she even popped onto the pop music scene in 1999/2000.

Well, while we just talked about stage mishaps just the other day (I don’t think this hadn’t happened as yet) but I’m just gonna sit this right here and carry on-by first: reminding you that hair is justttttttt an accessory. And like I said (if you’re any bit a professional), the show MUST go on…and well, it did:


Over the years, it’s been obvious that hair is totally just an accessory to Brit-Brit-so losing that hair onstage was nothing to her. She is NOT her hair.




Anywho, Britney was pleasantly surprised during her show last night when sexy rocker, Aerosmith frontman: Steven Tyler paid her a surprise visit.


This is a pic of the two of the from Superbowl 2015 earlier this month-the very first time the two reunited since both performing Super Bowl halftime in 2001!


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