“The Michaelangelo Of Butt Injections” PADGE-VICTORIA WINDSLOW Trial Underway: AMBER ROSE Called, NICKI MINAJ Name Dropped & “VH1 Clients” Mentioned

images (6)Known as “The Black Madam,” a Philadelphia who claims she was “the best” in the business [at it]: Padge-Victoria Windslow, (a former Gothic Hip Hop artist) is on trial for third degree murder for the 2011 death of 20 year-oldClaudia Claudia AderotimiLondon college student/breakdancer/model named Claudia Aderotimi after “low grade” silicone butt injections were performed by her in a Hampton Inn airport hotel in Philadelphia.

Windslow, who refers to herself as “The Michaelangelo of Butt Injections” [for over 20 years] says she’s run a successful underground cosmetic surgery business, has injected “thousands” of people–was trained by a doctor in Thailand and another in South America-who, as well performed her 1994 sex change operation.


Her defense is that she believes Aderotimi’s was in distress after the procedure and her drinking-as a result of, is the cause of her death-which [some reports say] occurred 8 hours after the procedure. Other reports claim the girl stopped breathing during the procedure.


In an effort to defend herself, the woman has turned over some names of some popular celebrities who today, are “walking billboards” for her work-namely: Amber Rose who Windslow says was a “repeat client” of hers (even before dating Kanye). According to Windslow, even into the time Rose began dating West, Kanye has even bought Amber to her one occasion in particular.


According to Windslow, Rose started receiving butt injections done by her even before she became famous and vouched for her work so much that she’s “brought other clients from VH1.”

As well, Nicki Minaj was penciled in-in 2011 but her appointment was canceled after the death of 23 year-old Aderotimi whose death Windslow says “haunts her” as, she never meant to cause anyone any harm.Power 105.1 Powerhouse 2013

According to reports, Windslow was offered a plea deal which she turned down and elected to go to trial instead so that she could tell her story.

If convicted, she faces 20-40 years in prison.

Reps for Amber Rose have not responded to emails by The Associated Press or calls from Philadelphia’s NBC10 for comment.

I have no idea what her plea “deal” was, but in considering she was offered one (all things considered) I am sure hoping she did not turn it down in order to [quote] “tell her story” [unquote] in a court of law (hopefully NOT under the guise of promoting herself as an artist)–going at it on faith that the outcome will work out with her in court like in her head.

As a creative, and a writer who writes pop/media journalism and too-KEENLY insightful, and aware of the quiet rumblings beneath the plight of “person” via social media and beyond: The urge to stop, drop, and rock & roll (no matter where) is often times a programmed knee-jerk ACTION to solicit REaction in order to put forth your fire.

I get it–I understand that. It’s what working and up and coming artists and creatives do. Every moment or opportunity you should be on ‘promote/publicity mode.’ If you’re especially good at it-it should non-obvious and undetectable in low-key places. But in being on ‘promote/publicity mode’ And therein lies the problem with 0artists: They’re so “turned up” and “on” that the noun (thing, person or PLACE) of it all has no power over with the verb of it all (showing yourself in ACTION). 

But I’m here to tell you: The OBJECTIVE (rather than SUBJECTIVE) court of law is not one of those places you wanna “turn up,” put on, show your fire (or “tell your story”)…

THIS is the part where celebrities, creatives and up and coming artists need REAL people (rather than payrollees, homies, and hangers on) in their lives-the part where they need a reality check that the world is not ALWAYS a stage. The part where that REAL friend says: “Wait a minute, wait a minute Imma let you finish but: ‘tell YOUR story” or the THE story?”…to plead your innocence, intention, and un-intention, right? Because there’s a difference between ‘the story’ and ‘your story’ hun. And we have to get that straight before you look at that gavel and that man with the robe pulls his glasses down on his nose to let you speak. WARNING hun: That point is NOT a video shoot. 

This is not a performance or a place where you’re going to sit on the stand to “tell your [life] story” in an effort to inspire a jury. You are there fighting for your life and freedom in an effort to prove that [according to them-by your negligence, deceit and greed/for money]; you unintentionally did not mean to-but took somebody else’s with the intention of making them feel beautiful. That’s it. Now…Do you get the seriousness of this and what should be the focus versus what’s not? 

alg-twitter-claudia-aderotimi-jpgThe courtroom is not a place to promote yourself or “tell your story.” The courtroom is merely a place to tell your facts by presenting them.

Considering the fact that it (as of now) is alleged that she would hold butt injection parties in hotel rooms for $2000 a pop and having girls under the impression she was a nurse (although she’s had more success than deaths with what she does) that ONE (alleged fact)…could be the needle in her butt in this case.

And that too, even that would depend on who/how many girls are willing to step forward to confirm that [her being a nurse] is what she told them all at these parties.

This is interesting, as is she-her story and colorful checkered hustle as a whole.

But too, tragic (with regard to the isolated fatal incident) and too-the vanity of it all: Ignoring the red flag-risking death via such a barbaric procedure down in a hotel room (real nurse or not).


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