Came and Table: Quick Thinking Impulses of Nine Year-Old Brother Saves Baby Bro Falling From Changing Table To Floor

Let’s see. We got a: “Zion,” a “Joseph” and a pair of brothers.

Sounds like a scene set for a biblical tale doesn’t it? Although it’s not, this next story is everything divine in its intervention in deed, indeed.

The story of brothers Cain and Able may very well have been riddled with sibling wrangle and rivalry, but one of a pair of brothers enabled the other to eventually live to tell that his older brother saved his life.

Florida Mom, Tila Levi was tending to mommy duties-distracted by her six year old son Zion. While away in a manger no crib for a bed on a changing table-baby Eitan lay doing what baby’s do at that 11 month old stage: wiggling about and selfishly tending to their own fingers and toes.Image result for boy saves brother from falling from changing table

Unfortunately, this excitement and preoccupation with phalanges and feet is often the cause of too much wiggling. And for Eitan, it almost landed him onto the floor, that is— until his quick thinking brother impulsively looked and leaped to aid and abed him in hand.


Nine year-old Joseph says that on a normal day he doesn’t even know how to carry his baby brother. He says he surprised himself during the fight or flight-like response-something omnipresent pushed him forward toward the heroic act.

As per our friends at Good Morning America, Mom, who says she

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