Even America’s Symbol: The Bald Eagle Found Running For Shelter Since TRUMP Presidency Made Official

Since president-elect Donald Trump has been made official, it’s not just dissention in the American climate with protesters, Americas symbol: The bald eagle is feeling tense and agitated as well.

Known as@sbullet187 my personal spiritual animal and representative of the rhythm and my ‘way’: majestically soaring high above mere birds and concerns of catching worms and dirt; two of the rare, endangered species were caught being less than royal.

Apparently, the pair were duke-ing it out and stuck in a Florida drain storm drain battling for territory. Possibly seeking shelter and making space for January 20 perhaps?

As we all know, January 20, 2017 marks the spot that Donald Trump will officially get his walk-on papers for a job his resume totally had zero qualifications for.

Call it self-fulling prophecy but if you remember, we blogged a story about Donald filming with the American symbol for a commercial. At some point in the reel, the eagle must’ve thought Trump’s notorious follicle nest was a perfect place to sit.

Needless to say, it was funny to see the “bully” Donald Trump bow down to the gigantic, majestic rare creature who showed Donald just who’s boss on the set.

Fast forward.

We now know who’s boss of an entire country now and apparently, even our country’s symbol is running for shelter.

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