Boomerang: GRACE JONES Graces AFRO PUNK FEST 2015 Stage in All Her Uninhibited Gallantry and Glory (As Per Usual) …Carry On

I see the always bold, statuesque, disco-era queen of a unique brand of gallantry and grace (Grace Jones) took to the stage of the Afro Punk Fest in Brookyln, New York and did what she’s always been known for: [Taking] the stage with her commanding presence unduplicated, unforgettable (and “Strange’ ” as ever).


Grace Jones is a singer-songwriter, actress and model hailing from Jamaican and ever since she’s stepped onto the scene of the entertainment industry,

…has engraved her named in popular culture such that you only need to meet or see her one time to know that (despite having a twin brother)

grace and bro


…she breaks the mold on any possibility of ever being duplicated.


The disco-era queen of unique was certainly in her element this weekend even if those that audienced her wasn’t (from being new to her-felt uncomfortable) as, popular culture has it written in the books that Grace Jones is susceptible to come undone, undressed, eclectically dressed and/or uncensored at any moment in time while giving a show, acting, or otherwise.



Obviously none of that has changed since even before our time when she reigned supreme as, the bold Bahamian beauty did things no different than what had always been expected of her uninhibitedly (and yes: topless in 2015 like any other year before our time). Note that this is not for shock value or to go viral on the Internet, legend has it that this is simply: Grace who, while we speak of hoola-hooping through Cheerios (to skinny-shame), Grace, at 67, is hoola hooping naked–no shame.

Taken place at Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, 2015’s Afro Punk Festival combined fashion, funk and four generations of artists which also included:

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