Light Bulb Moment: Light Up Your Life The Old Fashioned ‘Soft White’ Way- Those New Spiral Shaped Bulbs Will Kill You Softly

8f0721d279ff54dc4c0de2ac21629f2eYou’ve probably read in my writing/work about how much I cannot and will not function without options and I absolutely, positively, no sham-edly, and no holds-barred-ly  will NOT put  myself in any circumstance or situation in which I do NOT have options-that includes everything from where, whom I pay bills-and up to and including a ‘Bae.’

It seems like everybody in their respective states have a love-hate hate-hate thing for their main utility company/service punnamedrovider. For the monopoly they have on their business (despite these little side companies that show up at your door or call you claiming they are the truth, the way and the light away from your main state’s utility provider); the bottom always rolls back to them (literally): You can’t escape them. They own that a$$ (if you want light and utilities in your home). You pretty much have no other options but to deal with them and they haven’t a care in the world about their customer service acumen at no time-ever.

Well. That’s that kind of thing that happens when you have a monopoly on a brand, product, or service-you DON’T have to give a rat’s tail about how you handle people, the public, or clients.

But in exchange for their monopoly on ‘lighting up our lives, giving us hope to carry on and lighting up our days,’ they’ll surely do one thing: Send, suggest (and get really nice and ‘customer-service oriented’)  when offering us free ‘florescent’ bulbs to light up our homes right?

Should’ve knowing something sinister was in the game and more of a benefit to them than it would be [the users of these ‘cute’ lil’ bulbs] as; these bulbs transfer electromagnetic radiation at speeds that do a number on your health slowly (or instantaneously)…but DEFINITELY, for sure.

I have to believe this because right now, I am

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