That Billion Dollars On That Elevator Came True For BEYONCE & JAYZ

Self-fulfilling prophecy, much?.

For the record, literally.

That billion dollars on that elevator Beyonce sang to served as the only time she would be discussing that notorious Met Gala elevator fight between her hubby Jay Z and baby sister Solange, has come to fruition.

Considering Jay Z’s investment in Uber, his entertainment firm Roc Nation and the most recent investment firm for young startups he launched this past March called “Arrive,” the couple did just that: Arrived.

Coming in on Forbes’ “Richest in Hip Hop,” the couple’s combined net worth has climbed to $1.6 billion dollars with Beyonce’s individual wealth wielding a $350 million price tag on Forbes’ “America’s Richest Self-Made women” list.

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Author: Angela Sherice