ARIANA GRANDE Fans Injured and Killed in Manchester U.K Concert This Evening

Clip: Ariana in Mexico.


As the curtains closed, no one expected that fans of Side to Side singer Ariana Grande would be sent home walking side to side and for others-never making it back home at all.


Certainly news of an explosion just after an Ariana Grande concert in the U.K at Manchester (that killed and injured many) hits home for Ariana’s celebrity peers.

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Given the brevity of details that are still sketchy as of right now, news of this is quite unnerving-considering the fact that it is unclear if this was an accident or an act of terrorism—on concert goers.

With prayers going out to the fatalities, everyone is waiting patiently as, this being an act of terrorism is the something no one wants to hear or fear while going to see their favorite celeb perform anywhere.

OSFMag sends the sincerest of condolences out to the loved ones of the injured and lost.


Author: Angela Sherice