BENZINO, Shot by Nephew, Speaks for First Time: “Blood Doesn’t Mean Love”

It’s like the forever question that seems to not have a right or wrong answer: Which came first-the chicken or the egg.


With both pics circulating the Internet at the same damned time, I couldn’t tell which came first-but what we do all know by now is that Benzino, 48, former [Source] Magazine mogul whose real name is Raymond Scott whose currently is a reality tv star [of  VH1’s Love & Hip Hop] was shot this past weekend, and according to reports-was shot by nephew: Gai Scott, 36, while attending his own mother’s funeral at St. Peter’s Church in Duxbury, Massachussetts.

Scott was arrested on the spot while Benzino was rushed [to South Shore] Hospital and the procession proceeded despite the blood stained limo and hearse, reported TMZ.

(Sounds like a soap opera doesn’t it?)

According to reports, there had been some bad blood between Benzino and the nephew who rode in two different cars to the procession but the moment they got near each other shots rang out.

Later into the evening it was reported that Benzino was in stable condition, meanwhile, the arrested nephew is being charged with armed assault with the intent to murder and due to appear in Plymouth District Court Monday [March 31].

Not to be outdone by having survived the shooting + have his moment to flex his bandaged biceps and war scars for the Instagram cams; Benzino was later was joined by his other dramatic reality co-star Stevie J, who too happens to like the lime[light]. Together, the two flexed and flossed for the Instagram cams [which ultimately left us to assume that perhaps the pic on the right came first-maybe]…

For the record, later (conflicting) reports stated the shooting took place while inside of the car when Gai Scott pulled up alongside the car Benzino was riding in and took aim at him from there.

It was also reported that a representative of Benzino read in a statement: “He was shot in the shoulder while attending his mom’s funeral… At this time we ask that you keep Benzino in your prayers as we are hoping for a speedy recovery.”

benzino__ We don’t know if that statement was made before, during, or after the pic on the right; but we do know one thing and two-for sure: He lived.

…And as he lives, he let it go on record that he was here to dispel the myth: “blood is thicker than water.”

Although doesn’t go into detail about why the incident happened, Benzino eluded to the fact that the dispute was over money and that he was not on very good terms with the nephew.

benzino  He opened up about what happened however-to Boston’s Fox 25 News, saying that he was very upset that this happened at his moms funeral: “My mother was good, my mother wasn’t about this,” Benzino said in an interview with the news channel as he lay in his hospital bed where he goes on to describe what happened: “Once I started getting to the beginning of the procession, gun shots, boom! Boom! Boom! I took a deep breath just to see if it was in my chest, but it wasn’t. I didn’t feel no pain, so I maneuvered the car jumped out the car and I’m running down the middle of the street to all the other cars in the procession throwing my hands up like I need help!”

Although he was helped by being picked up by another family member [and taken to a nearby police station before taken to the hospital], Benzino asserts (and dispels the myth ‘blood is thicker than water’) as he explains: “Blood doesn’t mean it’s love,” he tells Fox 25.

Well. It’s like my experience, observation, and philosophy that I stand by:

Family are random accidents at birth where from, you decide and choose whether or not one, or all are your true friend(s). They’re always going to be true family-you can’t help, or have any control over that fact; but you do have control over whether you know if they are true friends (or not).


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